(UK)Analogue solutions telemark k £515 posted SOLD


Analogue solutions telemark k. Reduced again before ebay.This is a bargain price.Excellent condition brought only last month off here. Only selling as need the money for other stuff. Paid £600 which was a Bargain willing to sell for £515 posted. PayPal friends and family or cash on collection. Have sold stuff on here before. Cheers


Post will be £25 due to weight and size. Come on people this is an absolute steal at this price.


I came close to jumping on this when Davyp was selling it but going back ITB just now.

Good luck with the sale, it’s a cracking looking keyboard and at a fantastic price!


Yeah.only selling as needs must otherwise would definitely keep it. I have spent to much money over the last few months which the wife hasn’t liked :grin:


Sold on eBay.but ebayer was a time waster.willing to sell for £560,which is a mad price for this but unfortunately I need some dollar😢


Have you tried gearslutz , Instagram , Facebook groups?


Yeah.put it on Facebook groups.ebay.gumtree. surprised it hasn’t sold.might be wrong time of year


Yeh Tax payments just hit us lol.


Yep.100% :grin:


I’m recovering from Xmas / having no job / getting ready for brexit Armageddon


Lol. I’m recovering from spending to much money.tax bill and wife bollocking :grin:


Just before Christmas I took a year out of work to look after our 1 year old boys while my wife goes back to work. This means I can’t buy any new toys now, only trade what I already have. There is no spare cash any more. :sob:


if I had the space I would be all over this. Proper bargain!


Yeah.it is a bargain.would definitely keep it if didn’t need the money👍


Some people got rebates! :innocent:


Be a bit patient. Don’t worry you will soon have the future owner. Just let him discover your proposal.
We will help you. :grinning:


Even if that synth at that price is a crime


Sure is a bargain price.11 months out of the year I would buy it myself😁


Price drop + free postage. Come on fellow elektronauts,treat yourself your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend or pet to a Valentine gift😀


Sure would look pretty next to the Leipzig SK I bought from DavyP, but impossible for me unfortunately.