UB-Xa from Behringer

Is this modeled after an ob6?

after an OBXa


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Just watched on YouTube

UB-Xa - Beta Testing Concluded


Yes I. Can see one on my shopping list

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Me too mate although I think this one will be more pricey than the Monopoly and Poly-D

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I think this will be the one Bclone I get.

Desktop version :crossed_fingers:t3:

Sounds great, as does their pro 800. Let’s get these bad boys shipped. I am not holding my breath for a module version, I think the only synth they’ve done that for was the deepmind? As many have noted, their strategy seems to have shifted since making the dm12.

But don’t forget that the original concept Behringer had for the UB-Xa in January 2018, was for a desktop.

Not saying it will happen but Behringer is definitely one to take advantage of their strength in inexpensively manufacturing multiple variants of a design. Think of their 2600, for which they designed in electronic variation on the same PCB, to make three different products out of one PCB. That’s economically smart design. And multiple color variations they do as regular production rather than as a single limited run variation at a higher cost that you might see from other manufacturers.

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Module looks cool, iirc I thought they were having trouble with the size. I was reading uli’s posts on gearspace back in the day.

If it’s a great keyboard I’m into that, it would just be a shame to have a nice sounding synth stuck to a crappy keyboard (korg opsix/wavestate I’m looking at u)


Sounds !


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Yup sounds nice…

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did they put out a price on this yet?

Nope, and also no ETA either…

It would be so great to make a module like they initially intended, but somehow I doubt it…

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