UB-Xa from Behringer

An Oberheim trying to be a Moog Model D :thinking:

tom noise does a walk through of the features.

Stuff like the short cuts on the mod-matrix. Simple stuff mostly.

0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – Overview and structure
3:30 – Presets loading and writing
5:43 – Shift mode und secondary functions
10:10 – Víntage Atrophy Modes
13:00 – Oscillators
17:50 – Unison and poly voice count
20:38 – Portamento and Portamento Bend
22:05 – Filters
23:16 – Envelopes, LFO
27:20 Modulation Matrix
31:50 – Voice Panning
33:29 – Arpeggiator
34:50 – Chord Memory
35:30 – Sequencer
38:00 – Performance Section
40:00 – Split / Double Modes
44:53 – Outro Jam


Is that his real name?

He sounds German, so I’d say that his name is Tom but definitely not Noise. But maybe his original German name is something like Neus or Neuss, which would be pronounced the same :cool:

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Amazona did a thorough Christmas day review.

Thumbs up. Though they wished Behringer had been less hyper-historic and included velocity in the factory patches. They also commented on the red display.

ADDED : Given that there is a separate “Voices” firmware, perhaps there could be other options on the factory patches. We’ll see.

Good news was they were very positive on the poly-aftertouch keybed, though they said it wasn’t like
Expressive E’s keybed. Not sure who it was that expected that ?

Behringer gives you a choice of three P-AT hardness settings. I have reason to think they will expand on this.

Good review, and worth the read. Includes some test sound examples.

Had a laugh, a commenter already had and returned their UB-Xa, because they didn’t bother to glance at the manual, and didn’t realize they had it set to a “vintage” mode, maybe it was “Broken”, or that it even had a vintage mode, and thought the synth sounded terrible ! Par for the course there with commenters.


Now that these are out in the wild what do you guys think? Does anyone here have one?

I’ll admit I am a hater when it comes to Behringer, I have generally associated Behringer with cheap gear (through experience years back with their FX and mixers etc) but I’ve been watching what they’ve been doing with synths and generally I’ve felt the same kind of…”meh” with most of their releases I’ve felt like man if someone had done this 20 years ago I would have been all over it but all these vintage replicas now really haven’t done much for me. Add those feelings with their at time extremely questionable business practices and I had generally written Behringer gear off…

Until now. Listening to the demos of the UX-a I can’t help but be intrigued, I started listening to some a couple of days ago and I was sort of blown away.
I used to have a Matrix 6 a few years back and I absolutely loved the sound of it, I just hated how it worked with programming it such a deep synth to have such an awful interface so I ended up parting with it but I’ve always missed the sound of it and could never get anything to sound quite like it, I’ve also been really craving a big analog poly in my set up but it hasn’t really be financially feasible or practical to drop like 5K on one (if I were to spent 5K right now I’d probably want to dump it into my modular) but anyways yea the demos and reviews really have me interested. So far the demos sound fantastic and I’m hearing positive things about the build quality…so what are you guys thinking about this one?

Tim Shoebridge did a first impression video:


Or here…


I am too stupid to embed this…

Got mine today from Sweetwater. The screen sucks, the synth is fantastic!


That seems to be the biggest gripe so far. The idiotic placement of the screen.

And the contrast really does suck and is hard to see. And for some reason I can’t get the arp to sync with a drum machine. Otherwise it’s pretty damn amazing.

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Starsky Carr makes a comparison to the OB-X8:


UB Xa D (desktop version) on the horizon.

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who needs 61 keys when you can have none?


Not when you have 61 on your TI2 and OB-XA anyway :wink:

Turn the world upside down. A desktop polysynth, absolutely unprecedented :upside_down_face:


Are the virtual keys Poly AT? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I do have a Poly AT controller, but…

Would be nice for the UB Xa D to have a poly-aftertouch in MIDI interface. It has more voices than MPE ( by one – assuming 16 again ). It’s probably not reasonable to expect a MIDI 2.0 implementation, state of the world getting to a place where that is becoming useful.

Behringer has the cost for their poly-aftertouch 61 key keybed so incredibly low, i won’t think the price of the UB Xa D will be a lot below the keyboard. ( Though starting from that base, it will be a very good deal anyway. )

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UB-Xa is no longer on the horizon but in the background of the launch video of the Blug-in

Here’s a demo with focus on contemporary sounds for Melodic Techno, Ambient, Dub Techno and Electronica. Maybe you find it useful

Sound Pack Link:

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