UB-Xa from Behringer

I’m a long time Prophet 08 player, and to my ears at least from the limited demos it actually reminds me of the P08 more than an out and out old school Oberheim! Could well be wrong though…

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My prediction is March 2024 latest. Theve really ramped up the production speed lately.


All could think as I watched that video was that this was being released just in time for the synthwave revival. Plus or minus a decade.

I’m not really sure who this was ever really for - it isn’t an easy to use synth if you want to use the mod matrix (unless there’s some real magic in that display), and we’ve got plenty of knobby synths right now (sure, they aren’t all VCOs, but how much will people care about that going forward, if the synth sounds good?). It seems unlikely they will really nail the OBXa sound, at least enough to justify their use of the words “authentic reproduction”. It sounded pleasant enough, but I’d expect that of any modern synth these days. I’m not really a Oberheim-lover, but I’d have expected more of the fizzy stuff in the demo to show they’ve nailed it.

$1500 is a fair amount of cash for a new player, too. Maybe that keybed will amaze, or maybe they’ll release a $999 desktop model soon after.

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I am happy this has poly aftertouch, but annoyed in general that it’s a selling point. As every synth should have it by now

Technically, it has PolyAT - which is still pretty new (new-old), and nothing else at that price point has it.

We don’t know what the keybed action is like, but PolyAT is notable.

Hopefully this will be true for all the major keyboard synths coming from Behringer from now on. ( post relevant to this)

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Sorrz, when did $1500 become a fair amount of cash for a 16 voice analog multitimbral polysynth, with stereo VCA per voice and poly AT keybed?

Am I late to the party?

$1500 USD is a fair bit of money to most people.


what? the OG is like 6-13000$
the x8 is 5000
Prologue 16 is close but seems out of production, could get this second hand for less maybe
Moog one is 10000
Prophet rev 2 16 is 2500
running out of options here…

In this context, what does it mean “a fair amount of money”? we’re talking about flagship synths, an iPhone can be more expensive than this.
We’re not discussing food among the starving, this is a synth related chatter, and personally I think this is cheap for what it offers.


It’s still a fair amount of money for most people.


Let’s not derail the topic (that stuff belongs elsewhere by order of the management)


I said it was a lot for a new player. A truly new player probably does not have their own opinion on the merits of analog vs digital yet, anyway (though they may have downloaded a number of opinions from the internet).

So, it’s priced a bit out of reach for many new players, may or may not perfectly replicate the thing it is dressed to replicate, and may be painful to program deeply beyond the front panel.

So, like I said - I’m not quite sure who it is for; whether or not there is already a product that offers all those same features at that same price point.


1/3 the price of the new ob-x8 !

Oh really? This is on topic and relevant though?


I think the point is there’s a thread for those discussion (the clone wars thread) so these threads keep their focus on the instruments and not the company

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There is a thread, which underlines my above point. If we are going to flag the virtue signalling then lets be fair and do it from both sides.

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I didn’t flag your post and I generally agree with your point. I think what @avantronica was saying was that those discussions, either for or against aren’t for this thread. (I’m happy for them to correct me if I’m wrong tho)

do that and FLAG a post instead of taking the topic further off-topic

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And 1/4 the quality!