Two tier acrylic stand and NEW: Elektron MK1 and MK2 + Ableton Push Stand

very nice could you send me the design for holding an octatrack and a push 2

Are you asking me or @gbravetti ? I’ve only done a silver machine stand, you’ll need to ask him for anything involving a Push etc.

no i messed up there! how do i message is it possible

Ah ok. :slight_smile: Click here: @gbravetti and you should see a “Message” button on the right hand side of the pop up.

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Sorry about the delay, you need to glue some pieces below your Push, is that ok?

Hey there! I could use a proper stand for my Rytm and A4, hockey pucks don’t look very nice on stage.

Would you be so kind as to send me the blueprints too ?

Thanks in advance


I will leave it then as its new and in its warranty. ok thx for letting me know.

I have been there :slight_smile:

Check your inbox!

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I will create a non glued option in the future. :slight_smile:

thanks man !

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Just got those pictures from a fellow user, Machinedrum and Octa!
Well done! :slight_smile:

Hi gbravetti i am loving your performer software for max7. Started with just the Rytm and push but now have all three black machines and the push :slight_smile:
Would love a copy of the plans for the stand. The angle for the top machines looks great/erganomic

Hey, glad you are loving Performer, are you using the version with the custom keypads already?
About the stands, the Push side has 3 details you need to know firs.

  1. You need to glue or at least stick some velcro adhesives on your push back. It can be removed later if you use the right adhesives.
  2. For the stand’s Push side, you need to join acrylic pieces using chloroform. This is pretty simply if you can get the substance, may be it is regulated on your country.
  3. The measures only allow you to use a L shaped (a.k.a right angled) USB B type. To use a regular one you need to change a bit the design and the push will be a bit more apart from the Elektron machine.

If you are ok with those points I can send you the plans right away.

I’d like the blueprints for this!

Question: I’ve got 5 Elektrons, and I’d like to be able to easily slide in and out different boxes on the stands to more easily customize the units I’m currently using. Per your experience, would this be doable thing to implement?


About to quick exchange machines. The simplest thing to do to be able to quick exchange units from this stand, is to cut from the bolt hole to the upper limit of the stand, this way you just need to loose a bit the bolts, then slide in/out the machine. This also comes in handy if you need to quick setup a live set.

Note that as I was informed by some users that almost all the machines are compatible to be on the upper or lower floor, there is limitation regarding the Octatrack. Because the stand’s low profile and the Octatrack jacks’s positions, the Octatrack must be always on the upper floor. Is that ok for you?

Yeah, should be fine. Thanks!

Have only dowloaded latest performer am planning on using in this week.
Not sure how my 2010 macbookpro will handle it,
With the custom keypads functionality… Will let you know.
I can get those materials, plans would be very welcome.


Hi mi dude ! That a nice stuf !
Can I take it to you ?

Can you send it to me please ?

Nicely done :slight_smile: