Two tier acrylic stand and NEW: Elektron MK1 and MK2 + Ableton Push Stand

ok! watch out the bolt length! or you can damage your unit!
blueprints on your inbox.

ok! check your inbox!

Thanx !

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@gbravetti Hey I sent you a PM; unfortunately I have absolutely no tools around me atm to measure to MDUW dimensions. Has anyone else managed to give you the precise measurements? :slight_smile:

Here’s mine… 5mm Elektron-red perspex. :nerd:
10mm M3 dome head bolts - leaves only about 1-2mm protruding inside the case I think.

As I mentioned, I wanted mine to be able to have the dust covers fitted while in the stand.

Unlike some of these types of stands (e.g. the Marmot design), these aren’t reversible, I’ve designed it so the top unit is raised over the cables of the lower unit - if you tried it the other way round you wouldn’t be able to plug the cables in. But if anyone’s interested I’m happy to send the template.

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very nice could you send me the design for holding an octatrack and a push 2

Are you asking me or @gbravetti ? I’ve only done a silver machine stand, you’ll need to ask him for anything involving a Push etc.

no i messed up there! how do i message is it possible

Ah ok. :slight_smile: Click here: @gbravetti and you should see a “Message” button on the right hand side of the pop up.

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Sorry about the delay, you need to glue some pieces below your Push, is that ok?

Hey there! I could use a proper stand for my Rytm and A4, hockey pucks don’t look very nice on stage.

Would you be so kind as to send me the blueprints too ?

Thanks in advance


I will leave it then as its new and in its warranty. ok thx for letting me know.

I have been there :slight_smile:

Check your inbox!

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I will create a non glued option in the future. :slight_smile:

thanks man !

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Just got those pictures from a fellow user, Machinedrum and Octa!
Well done! :slight_smile:

Hi gbravetti i am loving your performer software for max7. Started with just the Rytm and push but now have all three black machines and the push :slight_smile:
Would love a copy of the plans for the stand. The angle for the top machines looks great/erganomic