Two sounds on one step

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I already know how to assign a sound to a specific step and how to add multiple notes to a step in grid mode. Is it possible to trigger eg bassdrum sound and a snare sound on the same track and step like ?

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The usual workaround is : program one of the sounds on the next step, then nudge the next step tempo (section 10.6 of your manual “MICRO TIMING MENU”) to the left to match the previous step. The idea is to align the current step and the next on the same beat.

I don’t have a Digitone but this tip works on a Digitakt / Analog Four.

P.S. : you can use the previous step too, obviously.

The downside is: if you need these next/previous steps to do something else, it won’t work.


What @Normalogic said is the closest you’ll get, on one track.

Of course this can be achieved without microtiming, if you sacrifice another track.
Depending on what your other tracks are doing, if you don’t have anything on the trig, then stick the snare or whatever in there and voila 2on1.


If you shift a second sound via micro timing on a (already used) trig, don’t forget that they need a different pitch. And you have to deactivate the quantize function (happened a lot to me) :wink:


This was useful! But what about if i want to enable/disable sounds inside one track? I explain myself…I have 4/4 kick on 1-5-9-13 and hi hats on 2-4-6-8-10-12. When i enable the track the steps start all together, but what if i want first the kicks and then enable hihats whenever i feel like? Is there this possibility with digitone?

Use Fill condition on the hat trgs maybe?


Multi map works great for drums now.

Yep, when I finger-drum on the Digitone with multi-mapped drums, I can play/record more than one sound on a single step. The trick to this is, each sound in the multi-mapped kit has to target a different note.

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Here’s a write-up I did on multi-mapped drums with the latest OS.


if it’s one one track and you have some parts you want to deactivate while keeping others, one trick is to plock the velocity on ones you want there all the time and don’t plock the ones you want to take out, then press and spin the vel setting quickly down to cut out the un-plocked ones. the plocked ones will stay.