Two Questions


Hello guys, I have a couple of questions about my DIGITONE:

  1. Suggestions for a suitable stand?
  2. AFTERTOUCH : Recently I bought a great sound library, almost all sounds inside are designed with the AfterTouch feature assigned to various parameters.
    Well, what I’m not able to understand is that when I use a sound featured with the AT then I go in Modulation SETUP AT Setup Menu page, here I see the vertical bar indicating the Depth value but this bar doesn’t move/slide up or down! I mean, after playing a Trig on the Digitone it should move,right? It remains always at 0 value, doesn’t move and seem to don’t react, why?
    On the other side I’ve given antoher try with my midi keayboard (AKAI MPK249), it can send AT via Midi and so I’ve connected it into Midi In of the Digitone, but still with no result, the AT bar value still continue to doesn’t respond.
    I ask that because when I do the same thing on the Modulation Setup ModWheel and I move the MW on my keyboard I see tha it moves instead!

Ok, help me
Thanks a lot in advance

  1. I 3D printed mine and am super happy with it - search digitone on thingiverse

  2. Are you playing with a keyboard that supports aftertouch? The trig buttons on the digitone itself dont have velocity or aftertouch.


Yes, my AKAI support AT


Simple but great.


Are you live monitoring the incoming AT dial whilst transmitting from the Akai on the DN Auto Channel or the Track Channel - try both, anyway it’s easier to listen to modulations you’ve set than watch that UI element


I just got a VESA monitor stand arm thing, its awesome keeps it up out of the way of some other stuff, but then I can pull it down close when I want to use it.


Hi, I’ve just tried right now.
Yes, I’m monitoring the result whilst trasmitting from the Akai by playing its keys.
I’ve tried both options :

  1. Channel #10 on DN Auto midi and the same Midi Channel #10 on my Akai
  2. Channel #10 on DN Auto midi and the corresponding Track Channel on Akai

The problem is that if I keep the AT Depth vertcal bar value ( on the left side of the screen) at 0 I can listen to a sound result, instead if I move up it manually with Level/Data Knob at a maximum 127 value I listen to a different result

Therefore, at this point the only solution that I see, is to keep the AT value on the Modulation Setup page always at 127 max value By Default , to be sure to listen to the real AT result.

Are you agree?


Nice, but a little bit expensive… maybe the 3D solution seems to be better


It’s not clear you have

If you want to hear what AT sounds like on Track 1 (MIDI Ch1)
set Akai to MIDI Ch 10 - so AT is coming in on Auto Channel (mimics DN keys) (keys recordable)
If you want to hear what AT sounds like on Track 1 (MIDI Ch1)
set Akai to MIDI Ch 1 - so AT is coming in direct on Track Channel (keys not recordable)

also test aftertouch on some other device

can’t add more I don’t know the DN


I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m told the ISBERGET from ikea makes a nice stand. Only $3.49 US.


Yeah I use the isberget stands even for my OT+MnM, they’re a good size!


Does the “_Isberget” _ fits perfectly the Digitone sizes ? Or, it’s a little different?


It’s taller. It fits it nicely though. The Brada ones are much wider than the mk1 boxes, which gives a nice support.


PERFECT. thanks