Two Minutes of Reaktor Weirdness on YouTube - new video: BOOGLEBEAT 2 a sequencer with a twist

I’ve started doing the Reaktor videos again this year - the first one is up on YT. This time it’s a whole set of ensembles - the Biohazard Series by OreKore, that are a superb and extremely twisted noise machines. Do you want to score a movie about a reactor meltdown, nightmares lurking in the deeps of the oceans or a waking up Cthulhu? These are for you! :smiling_imp:

I’m thinking about doing a more in-depth video about one of them - Kursk probably, but please let me know, which one would you like to get TMORW treatment :).


A new Reaktor ensemble video of He Morph Here by Paule - a resurrection of an old gem by the great Lazy Fish. Superb for generative noise synthscapes and atmospheres.


Thanks for putting these out!

I just counted - if I would put up a video every week - it would take more that 100 years to cover all of the ensembles in the User Library :rofl::joy:


Anyone know which ensembles that squarepusher uses?

I’m sure they’re custom made - and as far as I saw on some forums he used Reaktor a long time ago…

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Here is a new Reaktor video - this time about a fun sequencer ensemble with per-step parameters and cool live effects :). It’s Booglebeat 2 by Matthew Todman.


Just added YT chapters to all the movies and a new one is coming in a day or two - this time a wicked Reaktor sequencer :).

Check the other movies here:

Here we go - a Markov-chain based sequencer. Markov-chains - in a nutshell - are models of sequences where the state of an event is determined by the previous event. They are used for auto-generative music and in music analysis. They provide an interesting way of controlling the chaos of standard probability sequencers. Fun little ensemble :)