Two by two, hands in blue


I haven’t found any mention of drolo on this forum, or anywhere else before today.
This little Stretch Weaver pedal seems pretty interesting…


damn this thing nuts


@Ess @Dataline ideas for an Elektron Mixr.
Plock that with 4 stereo ins !


I love and hate all of you all at once. I should track how much money this forum has cost me, alongside how much joy this forum has brought me.

Kidding aside - Wow! Very unique and interesting concept/execution. We are alive in a golden age of crazy creative shit! Thanks for sharing!


Well, good thing is it’s out of stock, so you can enjoy the sound without suffering the GAS.
How cool is that?


HAHA! So true. Also, yes. Very cool! :wink: :sweat_smile:


David is the man! We (and he) talk a lot about his wares over here:

Drolo subforum:
Main gear forum:


:joy: How I hate these blue gloves. Remind me of my day job. Would definitely not touch my gear with that.


I prefer the Magpie’s review-