Twisted Electrons MEGAfm

12 voice polyphonic MEGAfm uses and abuses the vintage YM2612 FM chip originally found in the Megadrive/Genesis games console.


I was looking into getting midi for a sega. Guess i wont have to now


Looks ace. Like a smaller version of the look mum no computer megadrive synth he just made without CV control.
Edit: all pots are panel mounted.


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I was also looking into a single chip module during Christmas, the DAFM but the MegaFM sounds & looks great with that quick accessibility.


Hold the phone…

This looks awesome.


I think this is synth I am the most excited about over all of NAMM. Would be fantastic for video game composition


Seen this before but wasn’t fully sold
.diddnt have enough features to grab me

I think this paired with a DN is going to be amazing. I got the DN for video game sounds/tracks/background music but this could be a really good complement…or the other way around :joy:

My favorite from Look Mum No Computer is in his original SEGA MASTER SYSTEM II video, he does this “Happy Dark Candy Rainforest” sequence…

Timestamp is included so it should start right before the dank sounds pour through. What an amazing sound…

And the MEGAfm has a really nice Zelda patch/melody going on here at 46 seconds:


The form factor is nice but going through the complexity of an FM synth with two dials isn´t optimal. Could be midi controlled though from one of the elektrons.

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In the meantime there is always Plogues ChipSynth MD. Plenty of modulation options and FXs. :upside_down_face:

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I preordered this. Lo-fi FM is what I’ve been asking for. Lo-fi FM is what I want!


Shame it doesnt appear to be multitimbral. Everything else about it looks great.

It says right on the official website that all pots on this synth are panel mounted. Might want to edit your comment to not give people an incorrect impression about this product and the durability.

It would be very strange if it wasn’t, the chip they are using is definitely multitimbral and when using genMDM on a Genesis you can address every voice independently with a different patch per voice. If it’s not multitimbral, it’s an artificially imposed limitation.


They don’t list that it’s multitimbral and with the interface only being able to show the set up for one timbre at a time I would suspect it’s monotimbral but only they can elaborate on that. The web page say more info will appear in time. Sounds lovely however and I’m poised over the preorder button.

It would be seriously weak if it was since the chip has the capability.

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If its multitimbral this is an instant buy for me, ticks all my other boxes. Since I don’t see any details about timbrality on their site I’m holding off for now.

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It’s almost certainly not multitimbral, they didn’t mention it at all and it would kind of go against the tactile nature of a 12 voice polysynth.

DAFM doesn’t respond to midi CC afaik, will edit this comment if that had been changed

Personally if this was multitimbral I’d be buying it right now, but it doesn’t look like that is the case. Also only 50 presets is kinda weak tbh but not a deal breaker.