Twisted Electrons gear

Hey, pretty new to all of this. I have a Digitakt and looking to add some chip tunes, particularly the NES.

So I am looking at Twisted Electrons gear. They have the HappiNes with the 4 channels of the original NES chip (2 square, triangle and noise). The L(arge) version does have Midi, but how do I need to see this in the workflow? I imagine that you can have only one Midi channel on it, so only one of the wave forms.

Since the HapiNes has its own sequencer, am I correct that this makes the Digitakt redundant?

The Digitakt sequencer is likely more powerful and convenient, so I’d do this the other way around.

The Hapines L has “MIDI input (sync, notes and parameter modulation on 4 channels)”, so you could control it with 4 tracks on the Digitakt.

Thanks. Does that mean that you can assign each wave form (of the 4 on TE ) to 4 separate midi channels and also use the sequencer as such?

Yes, it seems so - the manual isn’t clear on this.

Thanks. I contacted the OP of that Reddit. Have searched but could not find anyone that had it in combination with the DT. So many thanks.

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