Turning off CC in on Monomachine

Is there a way of doing this with the MnM? I just added a Launch Control XL into my midi chain (to control my OT) and I started getting some weird stuff happening on the MnM. Looking at the midi implementation table, I know for sure there are going to be some problems. I turned off the CC out on my OT and that seemed to work pretty well…But, I would love to know how to filter midi on my devices. Anyone know the setting? Thanx

Yes, it’s in the global menu.

Not precisely on the Monomachine. All you can do is turn off receipt of all MIDI data to some or all tracks by reducing the value of CHANNEL SPAN in the GLOBAL > CONTROL > MIDI CHANNELS menu.

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Ok, I thought so. I just turned off the midi CC out on the OT and it seemed to work… Might need a midi filter of some sort if I want to control my other synth with the OT.
Thank you.

I often find that judicious use of MIDI channel assignments obviates the need for filtering and other processing.

Hmmm… I’ll try to get a little more organized. I have a break from work, so I’m trying to get everything sorted. Took me an entire day to get the novation lcxl working ( I had at some point turned off the audio control inputs on the OT), and then once I got that all up and running, I went to play the MnM and it was playing in strange keys, recording completely different than I had played… and finally I went to mute channel 3 on the OT and the MnMs fm patch would turn one of the knobs on the patch everytime I muted that channel … That’s where I was like, ok , this ain’t right. I don’t usually use the cc section of the OT anyways. But yeah, I’ll try and go into the MnM and individually sit out each midi channel.