Turn off MIDI note length recording?

I’m running Octatrack OS 1.25b, and I’ve been diving through menus and the manual and haven’t found the answer. Is it possible to turn OFF the MIDI note length recording? I just recorded a part in real time, then wanted to work on the arp with it, but realized the note lengths and velocity had been recorded as p-locks so I had to go through and delete them all step by step.

Actually, now that I think of it, is there a way to delete all p-locks of a certain type? For example, delete all velocity & length p-locks for a track? Would be pretty awesome…

This added feature really needs an on/off toggle in the menu. Drives me nuts at times.

is there any solution for this? trying to use my OT with a midi keyboard for quick chord entry but i’m having to remove wrong note length and velocity every time I add one to a trig

any solution to this? exact same issue.

Live Rec mode > Hold No and press corresponding knob, Func + No to delete all p-locks of any type.