Tsrono / hardware tracks / IDM / uptempo / experimental


my most recent music has been focused very much around Rytm and hardware synths being processed via software. often faster tempo and occasionally noisy & dirty and dynamic, though i often delve into ambient and techno and acid-tinged areas as well. you may be into it if you like Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Autechre, Aphex, and others of that type.

over the past few weeks I’ve put out about an hour’s worth of music through a couple of EPs, the most recent is linked below…

thanks for giving them a listen :robot:



mesic is the stand out of the 3 on the most recent release, IMHO. I’d like to improv with someone writing stuff like this. :smiley: I’d like to know more about your setup. What else are you using with the Rytm?

Are you looking for feedback?


glad you liked mesic, i thought it was a good opener :blush: i love improv stuff as well, all of my released Rytm-based stuff is improvised to a large extent (usually swapping between patterns, muting, mixing sounds in and out, effects, etc., sometimes ‘writing’ or editing on the fly as well though) i always think of them as jams really.

Rytm is running alongside a Waldorf Pulse 2, a Dave Smith Evolver (desktop), and on some tracks a Yamaha TG33. i’ve also got an Alesis Quadraverb and some other bits of hardware effects and instruments being processed into and (usually) controlled via Ableton. i also use Ableton for some compression/mixing help as well as recording. all sounds are sourced out of the hardware though, all tracks are live takes with no post-mixing or post-processing other than level ‘mastering’ for release.

edit: not in search of feedback particularly, more wanting to share the tunes with people here because they might just be into it or wanna chat about Rytm in context of this sort of music. :sunglasses:


I’ve got an Evolver as well. :+1: I’ve wanted a TG33/SY22/SY35 for years and I’m jealous.

I’m in the US, shoot me a PM if you’re ever in the Tampa bay, Florida area.

I look forward to hearing more.


Evolver is amazing isn’t it? took me quite a while to get into it, but it’s very unique and powerful and capable of so much more than i’ve even begun to touch on. TG33 is something i’m not getting on with that well tbh, wanted one for a while but it’s just not fitting with my style as much as i’d hoped. it’s got some great sounds, no doubt, but the interface is just killing me :skull_and_crossbones:

i’m also in the US, if I ever get off my ass and get touring down that way I for sure will get in touch :crocodile:


put out a new album, free download for a few days. noisy/weird/ambient/IDM/etc sorta stuff. all live takes of hardware, no edits or overdubs or the like. raw :slight_smile: