Trying to make a backup - I am going crazy

Maybe it is because I am having a slight fever, but after trying for one hour to make a backup of all my sounds in the P-bank I am close to ram an axe through the Analog Keys. Congratulations Elektron - you have succeeded to create the most arcane and wonky UI. Ever. I am reading the manual and rather than making me understand exactly what I want to do I feel more confused.

Can anyone please tell me how to make a backup of just one bank? Thank you!


No one knows?


you say “backup of sounds” then you say “just one bank” - which are totally different things… banks are full of patterns, sounds are just single patches, kits are full of sounds

you can backup kits, sounds, patterns, projects, songs - cant do full banks at a time, you have to do the whole project or just single patterns, or patterns with kits (probably what you want)

its pretty quick to send a pattern via sysex, you can just go down the list one by one in a minute or so

seems really fucking easy to me…

I’m glad it seems “really fucking easy” to you. For me it’s really not, and I’ve been in the manual for 1+ hour.

I am not trying to make a backup of the whole project or a single pattern. I have made a bunch of patches which I store in the P-bank. I want to send these to the computer. Nothing else.

I want to make a backup of the patches in the P-bank. That’s all.


do you know what MIDI sysex is? do you know how to backup anything at all yet? do you know how to restore a backup that is made via MIDI sysex?

it allows you to backup “sounds”, that would be what you want

Id advise to avoid getting so emotional about it - that wont help. The problem isnt the UI, I can tell you that.

In fact, sounds in the +Drive are organized into “banks”, too. See page 28 of the current AK manual. This is clearly potentially confusing terminology when most of us think of “banks” as being the pattern banks.

Let’s make sure that we fully understand the OP’s request before deciding how simple it is.

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As far as I know (I don’t have an AK), there is no option to back up a single bank of sounds from the AK’s +Drive. The SysEx Send command (see pages 60-61 of the manual) currently only allows single sounds to be chosen.

There may be workarounds if you have the sounds you want loaded into the sound pool in the current project.

Edit: I was wrong. See @avantronica’s solution below to actually back up a bank of sounds.

Whether or not the term “banks” refers to banks of patterns or banks of patches has no bearing on how simple it is to make a backup. Its quite simple regardless of any confusions of peripheral terminology. Making a backup of sounds is simple. Thats what he wants to do, and I fully understand that.

Are you saying its not simple?

Performing a backup operation is simple, once we understand the terminology. In this case, the operation that the OP is looking for is not actually available.

The double use of the term “bank” caused the OP, you, and me to be confused. It took me a while to delve through the manual to remember that the AF & AK also have banks of sounds on the +Drive as well as banks of patterns.

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Backing up sounds is simple regardless of what the term “banks” is referring to. The specific terminology being used has no bearing on the OPs lack of understanding on how the process is performed, because the process is the same across the board, for each item that you wish to backup. The discrepancy of terminology is not capable of completely obscuring the process in such a way as you are claiming. Likewise, the “revelation” you are describing regarding the term “banks” will not be the magical key that unlocks the OPs ability to perform a backup.

Your focus on the semantic differences alone indicates your objective is different than the OPs. He wants to make a backup. You want to be “right”. These are different scenarios.

Was that really necessary?

I beleive we can all help one another here without demeaning each other.


Not only is it not necessary, it’s not acceptable …

Let’s all please refresh ourselves with this helpful guide and keep it genial and solution focussed


The irony is that the task the OP wanted to perform is doable and perfectly understandable - he wants to back up the sounds contained on the +Drive under Bank P

Go to sound Manager
Select Bank P
> = Scroll right
> Select All
> Send Sysex

so there really was no need for that inaccurate and aggressive detour

There are banks of sounds on the +Drive and these can be selected per bank or for all banks, simply press Trig16 to toggle all/specific bank P


Guys - I bow my head with deepest appreciation. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.