Trying to get Super Midi Pak to talk with the Digitone

So I have a super midi pak (SMP) which is basically a SNES cart with a midi input that allows you to play samples out of the SNES sound engine, echo and all.

My problem is, with my current setup, in addition to sending midi to the SMP, I’m also sending it simultaneously to an MS-20 FS and that only accepts MIDI through channel 1. This would normally be fine except that the SMP accepts MIDI messages on all 16 tracks naturally. You can turn this off by shutting off “omni mode” within a web app, but that hasn’t seemed to actually work. The creator of the cart sent me 2 links as a solution from the documentation.

So my question is, how to best set up my digitone to do this, is it possible to do the things mentioned in the documentation with the digitone? I’m not sure and don’t think so given the CC messages on the digitone only go up to 119. additionally, there’s weirdness in that if I try to set up the keyboard or MW to external or just try and get those to react, that wont work unless I go into the midi settings, change the MIDI track to be set to the tracks they are numbered after (I.E., track 1-4 are all set to none, midi tracks 1-4 are set to 1,2,3,4) and then it will respond to the mod wheel, im very confused and if anyone could help me get this working its appreciated.