Trying to figure out what is going on in this song

Gesaffelstein - Hate or Glory

Sometimes when I’m in a bit of a rut musically, I try to recreate sounds/parts of songs I like so I can pick up various new techniques and apply it to my own music. “Hate or Glory” is one of my favourites, especially when those mental drums come in at 2:55. So I decided to have a go at it, but almost every part of it is completely eluding me. I’m hoping someone with much better active listening/production skills will be able to help me break it down.

  1. The main thing that’s got me stumped is the fast cymbals going on top of everything at 2:55. How are they sounding so crisp and powerful alongside the beat? Everything I’ve done to try and recreate it ends up sounding like it’s out of a polyphonic ringtone from 2004. The rest of the drums are standard enough but the cymbals are not gelling with them at all, almost like 2 completely different things. I’ve tried doing it on the rytm, using samples, sticking a glue comp on, all sorts but I’m just not getting it.

  2. From what I’m hearing, there are either 3 synths playing various things as well as a sub bass, or 2 synths + a distorted sub (or something else entirely). What is going on there?

I’m very possibly overcomplicating it in my head, and I’m obviously not trying to recreate the exact sounds, but I really want to understand what is happening that’s allowing it to give out so much power. I’ve timestamped the part in the video linked but if it doesn’t work its at 2:54.

And just a heads up it might be a very slightly nsfw video? I doubt it but just in case.