Trying to decide on a DT, AR, or another OT to replace my MD


TT-606 is a moderately priced beat option with a few tricks up its sleeve.


That looks pretty cool. The individual outs are nice. I could see rocking this with the VB for extra bass on the kick. Though it looks like there’s limited actual sound design. It’s def. something to keep in mind.


Not a very logical place for a sequence notation parameter, though, eh?


Quite a bit under the hood.
Many timbres for CY, CH, OH to select between.
Plus tone parameters for each sound.
Also nuance LFOs all over.


WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!? CONDITIONAL F-ING TRIGS! I’m gonna have it on my damn gravestone

Slice Two
1982 - 2067
Fighting for Conditionals on the OT Until the Very End


I imagine the programmers care, since some sections are for control (notation, I.e playback commands) and others are for DSP processing (amp, fx).


do you own an ipad? what about Patterning?
250$ or so for an Ipad, 40$ ish for a midi IO, 10$ for patterning.
also then whatever else you want on the ipad app wise. (witch there is A LOT of awesome stuff)


For all it’s shortcomings, wanting a cheap extra drumbox to play live the roland tr-8 is immensely playable and sounds good.




I’ll have to look into it. Isn’t it that hideous green?


Ot’s not that bad. You could easily cover the corners, some people have traditional roland box vinyl graphics on it.



You know, the more I think about it, a conditional trig parameter indeed might work in that space on the OT AMP page, as a conditional mute, of sorts.




whats CTRL-ALL in DT? sounds interesting?


Holding Track button down while altering parameters adjusts whichever parameter your altering across all 8 audio tracks


To me this question boils down to your genre.

Consider the DT as your strawman and decide if it has any real shortcomings versus alternatives and your workflow/sound.


You won. Still alive ? :slightly_smiling_face: