Trouble P-locking CC messages to other gear


I want to use my MD to control the value of an external effect using a Midi machine and CC message. I want to sequence these values with P-locks. The results are completely unpredictable : Sometimes the value cycles correctly through the sequence, sometimes it stops affecting the external gear completely, sometimes it only grabs one value here and there. Most of the times it just doesn’t work.
I tried P-locking the midi machine, or P-locking a CTR-8P to remotely control the midi machine CC parameter…

Manually turning the knob corresponding to the CC value works just fine, so I know I am on the right channel and everything. By the way the gear I am trying to control is a Roland SP-808, and there is a MIDI merger box between the MD and SP-808.

If anyone could help or share his experience, that would be great ! Thanks in advance !

It should work without CTR8P, I’d try without it first. (I had a SP808 a long time ago!).

Does it work properly without the merge box?
What is merged?
Do you also send midi clock?
Does it work properly without midi clock?
Did you check the midi cable?
Full moon?

Thanks for your reply. I tried without the merger box and with different sync options, still doesn’t work…

Hi I have both units and can make some tests

and just asking you try control MD with the SP808 d-beam controller?

And what OS you’re running on the Roland?

Hi elektrobot7 thanks for offering your help.
No, I am not using the SP808 to control the MD, but the other way around. I want to sequence one FX parameter with a MIDI Machine from the MD.

I am running the e-Mix Studio OS on the SP808.

I love it

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