Trigs on a track, how to get FX on them A4mkii

Might be a stupid question, but sure I used to do this on the mk1 … just started on the mk2.

Simple example: I have a kick on track 4. I add some trigs for snare and hh and even a bass note. Then when I add effects to the track, the kick gets delay/reverb etc, but the snare and hh and bass remain dry …

What am I missing? and don’t say brains!!

Hi !

Maybe the concerned trigs (not FXed) have P-Locks with 0 Delay/Rev/FX ?


Soundlocks can be also concerned. You can plock them, or modulate their settings with Perf macros.


So the question was really, rather than going into 20-30 trigs on a track and fixing their p-locks to the same delay/rev/ch - can this be done globally on a track. Sure I used to do it all the time on mk1 … another way of putting it, can you select all triggers on a track and globally set their FX levels for example?

You could clear all send p-locks by overwriting in realtime mode, but there is multi-trig editing, right?
Just hold all trigs you can grab and make your changes. :slight_smile:
If there are different values locked, p-locking a parameter on several trigs will offset the values, though. First click the encoder to reset the parameter, then p-lock to have them all at the same value.


Thanks Schnork - yes I do multi trig editing normally anyhow, but doing it across a 64 step loop with 64 trigs is tricky especially in a real time jam situation … that would mean 16 separate grabs, and 32 separate tweaks to delay/rev - as I said I am sure I put trigs on a track in mk1 and setting the fx on the track affected the trigs. Must have been imagining it?

Well, there is live record mode and live erase mode. You can record p-locks in live record mode. Press [Record] + [Play] and wiggle the encoder a little to lock all trigs to the same value.
To erase p-locks hold [No/Reload] and press the encoder of the parameter while in live recording mode.
To erase all p-locks on all tracks press [Function] + [No/Reload] in live recording mode. Sound Locks won’t get deleted, though.

IIRC Sound Locks will have the settings you saved, also fx sends.
When you sound lock a hh sound that was saved with delay send 0, the hh trigs will have delay send = 0.
Performance Macros can be used to apply parameter changes to normal note trigs and Sound Locks.
Or just hold the trig and lock delay send manually.

I think with Sound Locks you’ll have to use Macros…

I’m not using Sound Locks very often, so I might b wrong.
@sezare56 probaply knows^^


With Soundlocks Macros work, live recording too. :wink:


Ah great, thx. :slight_smile:

Setting up macros for send level would make it very easy to always have control.
Maybe trow in a bunch of fx parameters, too?

You can copy/paste the setup Performance Macros to a new kit, don’t have to go through the editing again for each new kit you’re working in.


Thanks again - this is ringing a bell now, the way to go! Thanks for helping out Schnork !