Triggering Slots Via MIDI

So how does one trigger slots, as one does in SLOT MODE, but using MIDI?

That’s not possible on the OT and I’m not aware of a workaround. Just use a different workflow to achieve what you’re trying to design musically or use the trig buttons.

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I think it should be possible according to the manual ?
although I am not having any success in doing so.
Can anyone else chime in on how to achieve ?
I think you have to assign trigs to sample slots for a single track and then control via C3 (36) octave
But I can’t get it to work

Yes is very possible, get ready to rock …

What midi channel is the OT Set to Receive on?

although if i remember correctly… while it is possible to trigger samples on a channel in slot mode using an external midi keyboard, it is not possible to record the playing of different midi notes onto the track, so it doesn’t quite work for recording.

the Midi tracks do however record incoming note pitch, velocity and length from an external midi keyboard, realtime. That doesn’t really help unless you are willing to connect the Midi Out to the the Midi In … i’ve read it is possible and does work.

Midi note 36-47 are SAMPLE trigs, not SLOT trigs.
You can only trigger the samples assigned to the 8 audio tracks, not all 127 SLOTS.
And you can record into the sequencer using these notes. If you send on the auto-channel it puts the trigs on their corresponding tracks.


Ah I see. Thanks that does make sense

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Sad to see this isn’t a possibility. In theory it could be made a new function with the slot number for a current channel set as a MIDI CC value. That would be lovely!

I can dream…

Wake up, you can trigger slices!
Triggering slices with midi notes?
To sum up, you need to send CC17, CC48 and a triggering note (36-47).

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Sorry for the bump,
But this is a very annoying missing function to me.
I would love to be able to do some complex sequencing using Orca and still use the lfo/fx from the octatrack…
Is it possible to combine multiple samples in one and then slice it, all in the Octa or is a computer necessary for the first step?

It’s way quicker/easier with the computer.

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V1.3 compatible linux with the source code.

In OT you can make a sequence with 64 sample locks, sample it, apply a 64 slices grid.

What are Orca benefits vs OT trig conditions + arp + random lfos on it? Orcatrack ?:content:


Hi and thanks for octachainer, I knew this tool but was hoping for something that doesn’t “cut” my workflow.

And actually this is all about workflow. I love the octatrack. However I sometimes feel that I need another interface for what I want to achieve. In this case I had some frustration when it comes to changing a pattern live. It is not possible, for instance, to create a new pattern or edit an existing one without playing it. For this purpose I use different tracks that I mute/unmute when needed, but it uses more tracks.

I like trig conditions, but I always feel that I miss some visual feedback in order to know what is happening in my set.

When things get bigger, or when you switch projects very often, it may be hard to remember which lfo is assigned to which parameter, where are my trig conditions, etc.

I discovered Orca last week, and I was really amazed to see how quickly I can create complex rhythms and modify a lot of parameters in a second, without digging any menus. It is also a better way to consider your project as a system, with a lot of interlinked parts.

I can have at the same time a step, Euclidian or other strange sequencer with different time signatures. I can also mute/unmute some parts very quickly, or even copy some logical blocks that I store in a single txt file, and use it in several projects.

This is the kind of flexibility and fluency I was looking for. The good thing with the octatrack is that it is a very versatile instrument that can be used in many ways. But I like to keep things separate. For instance, I like to use the lfo of the octa to control some fx/plugins on ableton or on my Axoloti.

So now I would be happy to use it to manage my samples, mix my external gear, and apply fx with lfos.

So it is possible to make sample chains in OT, and to trigger slices with some midi trickery, and annoying limitations : only 1 track for slice control with C48 (crossfader), or a lag to change Slices with CC17 (Start).

You need to send CC17 and/or CC48 and a triggering note (36-47)(72-96).

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Perfectly summarised about 500 forum posts in a single sentence of I’m not mistaken

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:content: Not easy to find what’s necessary in that thread for sure !

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For anyone who gave up, looks like v1.4 added MIDI control of slots and slices. I’m playing static slots on T4 using my keyboard right now. Works with track ch and auto ch. Simple. Beautiful.

Thank goodness for elektron’s continued evolution in products. I was starting to go down the forum rabbit whole and realized I should check out the update history rabbit whole instead.