Trigger samples from Audio Pool?


Note 024 is to Play the Track; and thus should play any trigs / trigless locks etc
Note 036 is to trigger the Sample

Depends on what suits you best?


Do you actually mean the note C1 (24) or do you mean the Control Change message CC 024? I believe it’s the actual note not the CC message that triggers the action. Changing the CC 017 value changes the slice that’s triggered, right? That’s how it’s working on my end at least.


Note. Sorry, coding at the same time on other computer.


No problem, I followed you. And I also get what you mean about the lag. Just to clarify the point about triggering the sample vs. triggering the track, I’m still not grasping that. I get that triggering Audio Track 1 Play is just a basic 1-shot playback command for the sample/slice (right?), but what does triggering Audio Track 1 Sample Trigger do that’s different? I could, for instance, reverse the sample/slice and p-lock that, so triggering the entire track instead of just the sample would reflect any p-locks I added? Not even sure how I would p-lock it since I’m not actually using any trigs or patterns.


There’s no gap if you use crosfader’s CC48, if you assign slices to it.
Try also 300 bpm scale x2.
Both detailed in that thread :

You can plock samples to Play Free Tracks and play them : 16 samples per part.

Why don’t you want to use OT’s sequencer?
What are Pyramid benefits?


The main reason is that Pyramid allows me to build entire song-length midi files on my DAW, with as much polyphony as I want, then import the files directly into the Pyramid via an SD card. It’s so much easier to visualize the whole song this way, and no need to chain patterns or anything. As far as I know, Octatrack won’t let me import midi files from a DAW, and even if I were to build one in OT’s sequencer, I’m restricted to 64 steps (? or so), so I’d have to chain a bunch of patterns together to get an entire song. Please correct me if I’m wrong! I hope I am, would be great to do everything on OT.


Maybe @rusty can or will be able to with OctaEdit?


Hell yea, that would rule!

I can see OctaEdit is temporarily unavailable but I would totally pay for the last version if an exception could be made in this case