Trigger samples from Audio Pool?


I want to use an outboard sequencer like Squarp Pyramid to trigger samples from Octatrack without actually running the OT sequencer. Am I limited to 8 samples at a time (1 per track) or is there a way to trigger other samples from the Audio Pool even if they’re not loaded to a track?


You are bound to 8 samples at a time (7 if track 8 is set to master track).

BUT: when you combine multiple samples into one you can modify sample start / select different slices by sending CCs.


If you get clever, then you can have access to lots of samples to trigger externally,

Samples need to be loaded to the Project to be triggered.


Clever how


Clever to the point that a " machine " becomes an " instrument " :robot:


Ok does anybody know of another box that does what I’m looking for in a more natural way?


Sounds like you want a sampler?


Thank you. Here I thought I had purchased an “Elektron Octatrack MKII 8-track Performance Sampler”


Look into how you want to approach using the Octatrack without running the sequencer.

Do you want to just trigger samples? Or have them triggering and looping?

Did you want to assign different sample banks?

Because then you can use each of the four parts in each bank… then you can assign different Default Track Samples; thus 32 samples in batches of 8.

Each sample you can then have 64 slices… create some chains; and you could automate the Slice parameter and trigger.

Lots of options; what have you tried / experimented with?


In the past, I’ve used p-locks to trigger lots of different samples in the same pattern, many more than 7 or 8, but that was when I was using OT’s sequencer. Now that I’m using Pyramid, I’m just trying to figure out what my options are for one-shot triggering samples. Now at least I’ve got somewhere to start reading, thank you.


A big road block you will run into quickly is the inability of the Octatrack to change parts with Midi… Bug#1 imho

But if you are comfortable changing manually ?


I’m really trying to figure out how to avoid doing it manually. I have read in the manual that sending OT Program Change messages can change the pattern, so that’s what I’m building toward. Setting up different songs under unique patterns, then sending Program Change commands from Pyramid to OT when I change songs.


Read p68 Trig Modes; may be of interest.


You could trigger Samples with CC# 036 - 043

Set them all up in Slice mode [ Setup Param B ] ; with chains of 64 slices and you can change Slices with CC# 017

Note there will be a slight lag required


Reading p68… are you familiar with Slots mode? Might that work? Not clear what the drawbacks are there, it doesnt go into much detail


I’d suggest try loading a couple of samples / slices; and using the above CC’s… have a play around, see if it floats your boat in the first instance?

Think about how you are loading/assigning your samples; as each Pattern references a part; so you’ve got 4 Parts per Bank; could divide them up across patterns.


Haven’t you seen the first reply to your post? Of course it’s possible.

The corresponding CC is named “playback param #2” in the manual I guess (start/slice is the second parameter of a track).

And of course you can setup different patterns which uses different parts, too. I haven’t recommented this because your post stated that you want more samples “at the same time” and not different set of samples.


Ok, thanks. I’ll try that.


Got this method up and running. Was just wondering before I get much deeper, what did you mean by the lag?


You need a gap between CC# 017 for changing slice; and CC# 036 for triggering the sample/slice.

Not enough of a gap; and you may find that you trigger the previous slice rather the requested one.


Do you mean C2 (36) or CC# 36 for triggering the sample/slice? I’m currently using C1 (24) to trigger it, but I don’t totally grasp the pros/cons of the different options there.