Trig Quant vs. Quantized Trig


Working with a long one shot here. Vox over a background beat.

In the Audio Editor attribute area there is a setting to quantize how a trigger is initiated. Choices are direct, pattern length, and some note value. Seemingly, I’m able to get the long shot to trig how I want and it overlays my patterns regardless of changes, etc. But the only way to stop is to stop the OT.

In the Pattern Settings, there’s something called Trig Quant. It’s choices are also direct, pattern length, and some note value. But regardless of what I choose, it has no real effect on how my track’s sample is triggered.

What’s the difference between the two and how do I use them? When is it best to use one over the other?

[In writing this, I think I may have a hunch about how it works, but will await a reply from the masses first.]


It’s the same thing, there’s just a couple different places to access those settings. There’s a few parameters in the OT like this, like Sample Loop off/on.

This has been doing my head in as well as I’m trying to get my head round biologik’s transition trick using disconnected tracks. This is what i have discovered.

The trig quantize settings in the pattern settings and audio attributes apply to different situations

As I understand, one applies to launch quantize of disconnected tracks, (set to plays free) whose launch is available on the first 8 trig keys in Tracks Mode and the other applies to launch quantize of the trigging of samples on tracks whether they are connected or not, with the sequencer running and available on the last 8 trig keys in Tracks Mode.

So for example if I have track one sequenced to play a 4/4 kick beat (from an individual kick sample) but set the track to “plays free” (disconnect it), trig mode one2 and trig quant to track length, the first of the 8 trig keys will both start the sequencer AND trig the whole kick sequence right on beat. If I set the sequencer running first however by pressing play and then trig key 1, the kick will launch as per it’s trig quantize setting of “track length”.

On track 2 I have a hat sequence (of individual hat samples) also set to plays free, one2 and trig quant to trk length. As the sequencer has already been started by the kick track the hat sequence will now follow it’s trig quant setting…i,e if I trig it on the first beat of the third bar in a four bar sequence it will not start playing till the beginning of the next pattern loop cycle.

As they are both set to a trig mode of One2 , pressing the track trig key again will stop the track as per the trig quant setting.

This from the pattern settings section of the manual

TRIG QUANT is only available when the PLAYS FREE setting is activated.
It allows both quantized start and stop of the playback of the tracks. Note that the sequencer needs to be playing for this setting to have any effect.

And this is from the manual for the setting that exists in the audio editor.


makes it possible to quantize manual trigging of recorder buffers,
Pickup machines and Flex and Static samples
and slices. Manual trigging is done by for
example pressing [TRACK]+[PLAY] or the last eight TRIG] keys. Samples initiated by the sequencer will not be

Although it doesn’t stipulate it here, this quantize setting also only takes effect with the sequencer running. If you press one of those last eight keys with the sequencer stopped they will trig the sample assigned to that track directly

So in my example above the first of the last eight trig keys (trig 9) will trig the kick sample as a one shot. With the sequencer stopped it will trig it directly with no delay. But with the sequencer running it will trig it according to the quantize setting for that track in the audio attributes page.

As for loops as I understand, the loop settings in the playback setup are master loop settings. The loop settings in the audio editor are individual settings. By setting the loop to auto in the playback setup for example, individual track loop settings can be applied.

micrOcOsm, how do you have your one shot set up ? Sequencer trigged or
manual ? Plays free ? Have you got “one shot track” ticked in pattern settings ?

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zeropoint, thank you for that - this helps a lot.

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glad it helped… :wink:

Can you think of a reason why I wouldn’t be able to get either version if the quantized trig to work? I’ve tried it in the Pattern Editor and the Rec Set Up 2 page and neither are working. Just trying to get some risers to play on bar 1 beat 1 by pressing Track + Play. They play instantly as opposed to when I’ve requested.

I don’t know if my question fit with the topic, but, when i playing on my synth, i listen to the playback recorded on my OT and is never the same. Some trigs are not really at the right place, not so fare but not in the right place. So you can ear they are not “sync” or in place. I just don’t understand, any idea?

What do you have the QUANTIZE LIVE REC setting set to in the PROJECT>SYSTEM>PERSONALIZE menu?