Trig Pos from one MIDI track onto another MIDI track


I have been trying to make a midi track (on ch 3) respond to the trig pos function of another midi track (ch 10), but to no avail.

Am I missing something here? I wonder if it’s because those two tracks are on different channels?

Thanks in case someone knows.

should work… can you describe the trig pos setting for each track. (welcome btw!)

Thanks for getting back to me :grinning:

So, it’s very simple. On the CB track I have loaded a MIDI machine sending out to ch 10. In the edit menue I assigned the CB track to TRIG POS of track M4, which in turn sends out to ch 3. I lit a few trigs in the CB track and I am expecting track M4 to send out the same trigs on ch 3, but it somehow won’t work. Tracks are unmuted.

i just tried this and worked… (however i’m not testing with anything external)

is M4 being triggered or just the notes aren’t being sent to/received by external device?

what OS are you running? after selecting M4 as trig pos are you pressing enter to confirm? (sorry have to ask the basics)

I first tried sending out to a synth receiving on ch 3, didn’t work, so I am now sending out to my DAW (to ch 10 and 3 separately) and the issue is still there, no midi info sent out to ch 3.

Yes, M4 is being triggered (you see the lights blinking together with CB). Yes I pressed enter to confirm.

I am running windows 10 and the synth I mentioned always received on ch 3. It seems it won’t send out the triggered midi.

ok, i’ll test this, maybe a bug or known outcome if triggering midi tracks.
@JustinValer ?

meant MD OS :slight_smile:

Ah right! 1.71 (the latest yet unofficial)

get yourself on X, just in case :slight_smile:

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will update and get back, thx

was just reading the release notes. Looks like it

** Bug Fixes **

Re-Allow MIDI track triggering from any channel in base channel range
Some tracks could become unmuted on sequencer stop start.

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I have updated to X. Things are now getting even more interesting. If I manually press the trig of track CB (which is set to trigger M4), track M4 does send out midi from ch 3 as expected. If I press play instead, it stops sending out midi, even if track CB does have trigs on and track M4 is blinking simultaneously. I’m dumfounded.

I am starting to check the X06 OS…it’s GREAT! Thank you so much for mentioning that, I totally missed its release! :black_heart: