Trig condition for entire track?


Is there a way to set a trig condition for the entire track (like most parameters) or can they only be set as parameter locks?

FUNC + COND didn’t do anything.

I want to quickly set an entire track to 1:2 or 2:2 instead of having to do it for each trig.


Nope ;[


you could easily do 8 at a time, so that’s 2 locks per page - or press something down over all 16 trigs


But I might have four pages. And if I press something down over all 16 trigs, then that activates all 16 trigs.


You can hold down multiple trigs at once and set the Trig Condition Lock that way. Besides that, there is no other way.


start with one page, push down multiple trigs and set them all to trig conditions, then just make page longer and it makes copies, then change your notes on the other pages? Or hold multiple trigs with your trig condition setting, copy paste?


iirc a TRC can be set without trigging a note, take the shortcut hint, adapt it or leave it; you can’t apply any p-locks across a whole track with any hidden mode - I’d like that ability to set track-wide probability too, but this is where we are - File a feature request

TRCs are a per step sequencer parameter - they can only be used if they’re actively locked in - there’s no default/baseline beyond off

PS - I don’t know the nuances of the DN seq where note entry and trigs are using the same buttons - things may be different to the analogs


If you want to trigger / hear the notes in a 1:2 or 2:2 way , you might be able to use a slow square lfo on volume/velocity

Not exact what you ask , but the end result might be the same.

You could use it to make weird triggering rhythms too


or you just use another pattern for it


I don’t see volume/velocity on the DEST list for the LFO. Looks like I can only map to parameters on the SYN, FLTR and AMP pages.


But Vol(ume) is on the AMP page, isn’t it?


Ah, yes, thanks!