TRIG COND in Pattern Chain mode

Hello all,

When I play single pattern on Digitone, it responds to the COND TRIG (for example 1:4)
But, When I put it in chain mode (for example A01+A02) the trig mode is not responding.
Anybody know why?

I am also wondering if I can use the same effect across two patterns (for example filter cutoff)

It works for me, maybe you have master length set to short so it restarts before conditional trig works…
Also not possible to sweep filter across multiple patterns on digitone you need kits like on analog four

I think that this kind of trig cond. doesn’t work if you change pattern. Maybe % conditions works as expected…
If you change pattern the “pattern conditional trig” restarts each time a new pattern is trigged.

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Yes, % trig behaves with the multiple patterns, thanks

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