Tried to sequence Digitakt with another sequencer

Well…after trying to sequence the digitakt with another drum machine (roland tr09) I see that I only get the midi notes for a single track, in this case track 1. Is it a limitation of Digitakt itself or is there another way to play the pattern that you sent from the Roland on other different tracks?
As a midi controller I have already solved the previous problem and I have sequenced several digitakt patterns on the Roland tr09… Greetings!

Do you not like the Elektron sequencer? it seems like youre missing out on a great deal of the magic by sequencing the DT with something else. The Roland Tr-09 is the boutique one, right?

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I’m inclined to believe he just had the other machine longer and wanted to hear his patterns on the digitakt because it’s so much better, makes more sense that way methinks.

You can sequence all DT tracks on their respective channel, if your sequencer can send several tracks on different channels.

On each audio track channel, you can trigger all audio tracks default sound with notes 0-7.
( Note 0 = track 1, Note 1 = track 2, etc).

So in your example with track 1 (channel 1), try notes 0-7 in order to trigger the other tracks.


These posts are old on the forum that is linked but I found this in another elektronauts thread. There is a page with some digitakt info in Spanish which has some relevance still today, if you would like to look at it. I don’t know why they don’t have an official manual in Spanish still in 2023, I can’t imagine but hopefully this has something helpful.

link from the original thread: