Traveling to Japan with music gear?


Question for folks who travel with gear: I’m taking a personal trip to Japan, and I’ll have my music equipment with me (3 elektron boxes), but I’m not performing anywhere in Japan. Will I have any issues at the Tokyo airport traveling with music stuffs?


Oh man, I’m so envious of you! I’m hoping to make it out there in about 3 years!


Highly recommend! Japan is an amazing place. I get very inspired when I’m there, which is why I’d like to bring gear with me this time. But I wasn’t sure if it could get weird at the airport if they think I’m there to perform (which I’m not) without a work visa or something. I know this happens in other places.


Where are you planning on going in Japan?
If going to Tokyo then be sure to visit 5G Synth Store

Have taken gear to China and Korea before thinking I’d be inspired to make music over there but ended up seeing and doing too much and not having time to make music.

Would highly recommend just going armed with a field recorder to catch the strange sounds of this new place and take along a just one piece of gear, your best “sketchbook” for getting down ideas.

Taking 3 elektron boxes in luggage will take up space and weight meaning you’ll have less space and weight allocation for bringing more stuff back home with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t take the elektron boxes , make the most of your time exploring Tokyo / japan.

Go to harajuku on sundays , ussally stuff going on .
Visit nakano broadway toy/fashion/anime/shopping area (google it so you can find it)
Shibya … shinjuku , yoyogipark , Ueno museums and market that runs along the train line , akasuka , odaiba …

Tokyo is great , leave your gear , deal with them later.
Fill the space in suitcase with gun dam , toys , stupid things , T-shirt’s , unique sweets

I’ve never had problems leaving japan with suitcase full of game boys / ps2’s , games , toys , clothes… just keep an eye on weight.
But you can always take barely anything and buy Japanese clothes there / wear multiple T-shirt’s n stuff when you return.


5G is great, I went there last time I was in Tokyo. As for the option of leaving gear at home, I’m gonna have gear with me regardless because I’m traveling to Japan from a location where I AM performing, so Japan is gonna be an additional stop on my itinerary. I definitely plan to do plenty of exploring when I’m there, bonus points if I end up hooking the rig up — wouldn’t be surprised if I do, last time I was there I found myself wishing I had it! :slight_smile:


Been here 10 years. I really don’t think you’ll have any issues! Also, 5G is king but echigo music in shibuya and some of the other music stores are fun. Echigo is like a smaller 5G.


Try some Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki at a food stall /cafe instead!

If I had to take anything to would be a circuit or basic sound recording equipment (zoom 1). Something I could live with, if anything did happen (which it won’t).

Fantastic place! It will be well hot and humid too. Visited Osaka 2 years ago and got totally immersed in the awesomeness of Japan . Travelling on trains / underground system is great chance to record some sound bites – I will try and dig out a wee sound clip from Tennoji train station in Osaka.


I’ve only been once but had no problem with taking music gear.