Transferred files dropping 1Kb of data

Any reason why Transfer 1.1.0 drops exactly 1KB from all audio files after it transfers to RYTM mkII.
It’s happened to every file.
Original files are mono, 48kHz, 16bit before transfer, which is what the manual says RYTM uses, and/or would change them to upon import.
Is there an alteration to the files that is happening internally with RYTM upon import? Why less data?

Are you noticing any difference in the audio? If not, it could be that the size is simply displayed differently, for example rounded down.

No apparent quality change. Just the numbers.
Not likely rounding down either. For example, if the file is 52.3KB before, it is 51.3KB on arrival. There isn’t any meta data on parent file from what I can tell, so I don’t think it is that getting cut.
The samples were recording with Logic Pro X 10.4.5, edited and exported for RYTM’s native specs.