Transfer program for windows


Hi folks.

Long time lurker, first time poster. The name is Stevie. Love the forum and the community and it is now I feel the first time I require the assistance of the users here.

Situation is.

I have and always will be a strictly hardware only guy using various synthesizers and sequencers without the. Use of computers and DAWs

I spent the last 8 years using an MPC1000 linked with various synths. I actually find the restriction in flexibility can be conducive to creativeness in terms of working out ways to make things happen.

Anyway lol
I have replaced my trusty MPC 1000 with a digitakt.

Problem is I don’t actually own a computer.

I understand I need a computer to do OS updates on the digitakt, the electron website says the transfer software needs hardware requirements of 4b of ram and at least an i5 processor

I can’t understand why a basic import/export program would be so needy on computing power.

My question is: would i be able to run elektron transfer on a more primitive system like a mini pc with Intel atom processor and windows 10?

Are any of you guys running the transfer program on systems that are below the stated official requirements?

To clear up the question of: why don’t you just buy yourself a capable computer?

The answer is that there are far too many pieces of hardware (synthesis and sequencers, vintage gear) i would rather own and spend that amount of money on. I spend my entire working day in front of a computer, hence why I love to come away from that environment to press buttons, tweak knobs and slide faders.

P.s I welcome all witty remarks about my love of tweaking knobs lol.

Thanks in advance folks.

Again. Love the place



I run the transfer on an asus X205t running windows 8.1. It is an 11.6 inch laptop with and Intel atom 1.8 quad core processor w/2gb of ram and 32gb ssd. I’ve never had a single sample fail to transfer.

If you want to grab one they can be found online refurbished for 150 dollars and under. I paid 120 for mine


Wow that sounds great.

I have been looking at mini pcs that run windows 10 with higher specs that you have stated at a price I can stomach.

I actually got elektron transfer successfully installed on a raspberry pi

(Which is insane)

however it was unusable, my investigation seems to point towards a usb issue within the raspberry pi as it’s running a program based on a different cpu architecture.

Technically though I think it’s possible.

The raspberry pi is a demon of a little machine. I encourage everybody I can to own one, especially music enthusiasts as it has the capacity to do so much and teach you so much as well.

Thanks man!


Look at Lenovo X220. They are excellent laptops with 8gb of memory, SSD.
I-5 cpu@2.5gHz
You can add a second hd
I got mine for 200€
Hi quality laptops for executives that cost 2000€ in 2010. There may be other,
mine runs great
(Best to stay on Windows 7)