Transfer Midi-Files into DT


Hi Elektronauts,

is there a smooth way to import Midi-Files(.mid) into the Digitakt ?
If yes, how can we assign on which Track Midi-Files can be loaded ?

have a nice evening (sitting in germany) and prost!


No this is not possible


A workaround would be to play the files from something and experiment with live recording them into the sequencer…




Live record is the only way. Not a bad solution really.


Yeah. Sync the clock and use pattern chain if they’re long sequences. Actually can you live record in pattern chain mode??? Never tried it. I hope so…


Live recording while playing the midi file from another source would be a decent workaround to get the midi to the dt. Just keep in mind the step limitations of the sequencer. Something like a complex arp will probably not get the desired results.


Thanks guys for your repplies.

Midi-Life recording would be great.
So i have to go deeper into making cover-songs. :smiley:

Have nice Sunday!


No you can’t.


Hey guys has anyone tested if this works? :slight_smile:


it all works by routing the midi- channels in Digitakt’s Menu.

After that you can simply hit record-play as you want to record the midi-sequence


thats not true, you can definetly live record into pattern chains on the digitakt


ok, great. doesn’t work for me. buy hey, I’m probably doing something wrong.