Transfer Kit/Pattern from a project to another one


Hi guys,

I can’t figure out a way to transfer a kit (with his pattern) from a project to another one. Is that thing even possible??? (plz say yes…)


And of course i not talking about sysex dump but something internal


it’s possible:

  1. copy pattern from source project
  2. load destination project
  3. paste pattern to destination lacation
  4. save pattern and save dest. project
  5. load source project again
  6. copy source kit
  7. load destination project
  8. paste kit to destination location
  9. save destination project

simple :slight_smile:


Nop Copy/past doesn’t work from a project to another one. Still searching for another solution than SYSEX transfer. Being able to transfer a saved kit from a project to another using something like kit management would be really nice.


hmm…works for me. i downloaded the reshaped harmonics pack into its own project and was able to copy kits to my own other project. samples didnt line up but that was ok for me


Yeah I’m kinda new with the Rytm too.
I’m trying to get my head around how to work with the Rytm in terms of kit project management…
I’ve been thinking about making a default starter project with all kinds of kits saved in it. ( reshaped, Sid, 808, 909 ) and then always start from there, and when I have some patterns or a song save the whole thing as a new project, and maybe even deleting the kits I don’t need…??
is that a good idea?


Transferring the patterns is no problem, but the kits, that seems to be a bit more problematic. does anybody have a solution for this?




welcome to the ridiculous nature of Elektron’s file management structure. If you work with samples, you’ll end up having a real hard time saving kits in the way any regular person would want to save them. I think you’re catching onto the mindset, but it’s obviously a hassle. What I’ve done is make a project for every basic 909, 808, etc. drum kit. That way I don’t have to free up sample slots once i choose what I want. Saving it as a new project once you have something going is a good idea.


it does work dude. I just tried it after days struggling.

On the kit list when you are loading or saving, just press function+ rec. It will copy the kit. To paste is the same deal, but you press function + stop.