Transfer Application


Good to hear! My USAMO just arrived and I will set it up within the next days…


Well, no. For me its pretty much a practical problem.


I’ve spent $20 on thousands of dollars worth of useless things, SDS drop was not one of them.


I can live with slow transfer and suboptimal UX.

The real pet peeves with the sample handling is backing up and restoring a full project containing sample.

If my AR ever break down or get lost or whatever, I can restore all my project within an hour on a new one… but if any samples were used in these projects, well I only assume that I could maybe get my project back to a proper working state if:

  • I had perfectly maintained a mirror folder structure of all my loaded samples on my computer
  • I took notes of which sample was loaded at which slot in every project, and cross my fingers that the right one gets loaded back, or reload them all, one by one.

Very error prone and no fun at all, unless I hire an accountant to do this weekly for me or something :money_mouth_face:

Good luck if this ever happen a couple of days before a gig…


and its mac only. us PC users cant use it




really? what else will this app look good? I can not wait!


Just as a reminder : for C6 (free app btw) to work properly, you have to set incoming and outgoing MIDI port to USB only.
Make sure you have Turbo speed enable, if not something is wrong with the configuration.

And @Nagualizer : you can perfectly see that none of @darenager critics about Elektron were flagged.
Your posts are flagged not because you express criticism, but for they lack something basic : respect.
Mods and a good part of the Community is trying to set a constructive and respectful tone here. Instead of feeling anger at being flagged, please take some time to watch your own attitude and take flags as indications where it does not reflect the cool spirit we intend to give to this place.

For instance if you have problem with C6 because it doesn’t work properly, seek for help and/or contact Elektron support. This is a more constructive attitude.


I’m not angry at a comment being flagged, been on the internet for long enough. I just find that funny/sad. I’m angry with Elektron because no matter what anyone says here I believe this situation is a deliberate move by Elektron. They just decided to focus on the new machines that they need to sell instead of catering to existing customers. “You can transfer samples fast with this nice free app on the MK2 but not on the MK1”.

Anyway, Turbo speed is another interesting thing. I have it enabled on c6… but it can not be selected on the Rytm settings when the Rytm is connected to the computer’s USB port so I’m guessing this is a feature only available to those who bought an Elektron hub?


No, you should try to plug Rytm directly into your computer USB port. Don’t use any hub.


The real pet peeves with the sample handling is backing up and restoring a full project containing sample.

This, I can relate to.


Still don’t think you will be able to reach transfer timing like an SSD. The transfer is still via MIDI over USB… Therefore i notice an improvement in reliability and transfer speed ! No Doubt. So when it’s available for MK1 i do hope you will enjoy it… You should not have to run it overnight to upload a sample pack.

But i would to tell, state overnight to upload only a percentage of a sound pack don’t talked that much. Bit-Rate, Frequency, Size of the Sample Pack, Conversion done before the transfer or by C6 itself… there’s huge amount of details involved in a transfer process.

Knowing from the beginning that the transfer will occurs via MIDI (exactly like the MachineDrum because the RYTM comes with Sample support for Layering purpose it’s not a Sampler the way the OT is ! And the OT comes with a Compact Flash reader so you can make a mind thinking here…)

People should reconsider how they use the RYTM… regarding this idea to upload sample pack. Because you will never use everything inside ! Loops are not ideal in the RYTM, doable but not ideal. You destroy your stereo because the rytm is MONO… I do not mean use it Smarter ! This will be stupid.

But there are some who really like to hurt themselves and waste time. It will be so simple to load only the samples you want to work on, try things or because this or these samples inspire you !


there’s no warp thing on AR, so you can’t fix your loop to master tempo. and patterns in AR are not BPM fixed, so you’ll need to correct your tempo, each time you launching a pattern with a loop. and you’ll need to make notes about it somewhere, so you don’t forget which BPM it is.
it’s not convenient :confused:


Hello Ray i not say don’t use loops, i say to my point of view using loops in the RYTM is not ideal, doable (because Start and End point so you can take something) But using Loops the normal way like in a real sampler with time-stretching, slices etc… make the sampler more suited for that, it’s more comfortable.

Why should this not be utilised ? I don’t really understand your point!

Again read me better… i don’t say that.
I understand people should want to use the RYTM as a groovebox and it’s possible. I just said because how it is, a drum machine with a very simple sample player on top, where the materials is uploaded via midi on a small +Drive capacity… You must first have that technical and Gear Design in mind and then, FILL it the most appropriate way. I just hints here people for what i do think it’s one appropriate way … That doesn’t mean there is not other appropriate way also…

Elektron sell sample packs for it

Dälek Soundscapes = 47,7 mo / Futur House = 10,3 mo / Legowelt Studio = 6,9 mo / True Trance = 20,2 mo … To take complete Sample Pack (not only Drums)

if we compared now UNDRGRND Sounds Warehouse Techno = 888,9 mo / Vengeance EC5 = 5,33 GB / Sample Magic SM101 - Layers and Textures 2 = 242 mo / abitdeeper real deep chords = 1,08 GB

Of course after Batch Convert size dropped quite a bit …

but from simple math here we can say firstly you can’t upload every of those third parties sample pack which is over the 1GB +Drive capacities … And for more small Sample Pack it would be obvious to me to upload only materials you really want to try, use, test or whatever … Interesting materials … Rather to think the Analog Rytm as a computer with a HardDrive attached to it where you can save your whole sample libraries.

No criticism, mockery, I do not even say you do not use it properly … with all due respect, I just give advice after people do what they want!

I do not even make me the Elektron Devil Advocate, i would say the same for another device with a close design… Sample Player on Top, upload via over usb midi, small to medium drive capacity.


you’re right! I’m apologizing for being too emotional to @William_WiLD.
It‘s not his fault it‘s yours and i‘m just a pissed user!

You mean that kind of respect you gave us while making us to beta users for full charge? Or telling me i could return my product if i‘m not satisfied?
I will return when you offer a solution to backup …

your non existing backup on DT since releasing is def. planned!
Or do you want to tell us you guys could not manage it in that time!?
In this case i‘m questioning myself how you became the best drum machine producer!?

You guys knew that there will be issues like you ever had and i‘m not the user who will give up all the work which was already done just because you‘re slowing the process and making us wait until you feel pleased to …

I hope you’re painfully collecting the fruits you seeded and this is what i can tell you as user!

As employe of one of the biggest resellers in central europe i can say you elektron guys ran into really deep sh… …
Since releasing your MK2 stuff including the DT we‘ve been returning over 20 units with wonderful issues like not booting, non proper mounted parts or scratched displays.
And this is only one shop …

But hey, you can announce a new product at NAMM :wink:


Hi @Brueckenstein
Every Moderators here are not employee at Elektron

i’m just a regular user and Elektronauts member as you here.
apologies accepted of course.

Cheers :wink:


Thx Will :thup:
I don’t remember ever lacking of respect to a single Naut.

@Brueckenstein you have things to tell to :3lektron:, please contact their support.
Here is more a place about :3lektron: users…


For what I read on these forums, contacting Elektron support is similar to contacting Microsoft support…
Elektron staff read the forums- they would have to, at least for getting an idea on where the userbase is at.


Prepare the loops on the computer, and put the BPM in the sample name… easy peasy.


I’ve had every attempt I’ve made to contact support answered very quickly (where an answer was needed). Rest assured, Elektron’s support is top-notch.