Transfer 1.2 update

On the download page it does not stipulate that this software is for the Digitone.

Is that just a mistake?

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It’s complicated. Digitone is supported but just for drag and drop firmware updates. Saying that it supports Digitone is also a bit misleading. Will see if we can make it more clear. This will change in the future when it will support project and sounds backups.


No Octatrack support? Will Catalina users get a working alternative to C6 or have you seized support for the OT?

Will this be able to backup entire projects to a computer?

Not sure I understand. C6 has nothing to do with the OT other than that it supports Turbo MIDI. Everything is done mounting the CF card as a disk in your computer os.


That is the plan, but not in this version.


Cool, thanks.

Hi @Olle , do you have plans for a windows version?

Windows and macOS versions are available now.


+1 !!

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so does this version work with rytm mk I for transfering audio samples between OS Catalina and the rytm?


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for a mobile version, to match m:s’s portability?




Nice! A local backup of projects + samples/presets would be very welcome. One can never be too careful.

I just recently tried Elk-Herd (today actually had a 1st go at it) which is surprisingly neat for some internal housekeeping management/rearranging of DT Projects, backupping project Sysex and also removing clutter/unused samples from projects + quick renaming of projects/samples (only supporting DT at the moment) - was planning on gathering strength to be doing some maintenance tonight.

Also OB works like a charm and love the instant visual feedback on parameter changes/presets etc as you know the deal (evidentially you guys made it :slight_smile: ) Project/Sample/Preset management from within each dedicated OB standalone plug (machine) would also be nice (with that Save/Load option, drag n drop, etc) But if you’re planning to implement all this management/housekeeping into the Future Transfer app, its obviously all good too and greatly appreciated!

Was wondering if Transfer DT could also have the option to connect like a midi KB and playback the DT octave keyrange when previewing a sample, for quick referencing purposes? (somewhat like AudioFinder on Mac)

As to the dedicated standalone OB machine pages, would it be possible to add an extra page/tab and have an even better ‘Elk-Herdish’ levelled up (micro) management tool where you can dig even deeper and actually Preview projects and its individual Tracks (obviously along the lines of instant visual feedback on parameter changes + hearing the sound, e.g. have a quick instant preview play button in front of PTNs (to playback as a whole) and TRKs (preview individual parts)? Being able to drag and drop TRKs around and even construct (arrange) new PTNs within the Project would blow my mind???

Could even have a ‘drag and drop’ play in ‘chain mode’ sequence :wink: (SONG mode preview)

I dont know half of what magic apps/gear already is capable of doing? Very powerful stuff!..

(Got distracted away for a moment, and now understand the need for decksavers (things getting a bit dusty) With the latest excitement/presentation of the M:C pulling me back in, been dusting off my Elektron batch, rekindling fun productivity/exploration and am back to diving into the nitty gritty.)

Thanks for the nice work, cheers!

PS: would it be possible to add a sample Tab to the OB DT for quick sample cutting/visual ref? (better micro-editing, and quick moving around whilst happening inside the machine???) (optional transient detection for setting trim start marker, or ReCycle-ish chopping up parts even (e.g. breaks), or maybe by a btn click to jump/cycle on to the next spike ???)

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Will check this out this weekend for sure! Thank you

A couple bugs and workflow issues ive found
not sure this is the correct place to post this maybe needs new thread?

1… after exiting a folder it jumps to the top making you lose track of where you were at
2… renaming you have to delete all characters unable to edit or change the name
3…im having weird behavior as the list jump to the selected folder and it doesnt follow the scroll bar

Go for it, there is a Transfer category in Elektron software

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Thanks for the reply, I feared as much, It will be a proper piece of kit when this is implemented imo.

How many people find this a problem, having not used one I think it would P*ss me off really badly but maybe I’m missing something?


Did someone had try to backup AR or A4 mk1 with transfer? I didn’t see anything in the manual. Apparently, it’s only work for sample transfer and OS upgrade?


It’ll come at some point to replace most of the C6 functionality