Traded Octatrack for Pyramid Sequencer

I might’ve gone and done something stupid here.

But I found a second hand Pyramid Sequencer just where I live, and bought it. It was part of the first batch of 100. To fund it, I’m gonna have to sell the Octatrack.

But I figured, maybe it’s about time. 64 tracks with 384 bars in each appeals to me somehow. And obviously, as a sequencer, the Pyramid is a beast.

But with no proper multitimbral audio source, I borrowed my daughter’s Volca Sample and hooked it up, just to see where I’d go from here.

I realised you can get pretty far with a hardcore sequencer and 4mb of samples tainted with the Volca Sample’s character :slight_smile:

For anyone looking for a hardware sequencer, I can now say from experience (brief, but still) that it’s definitely worth your consideration.

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