Trackers - what's your story?


actually that’s part of how I got this dumbass moniker


It is quite easy to forget them to be fair as they are a bit tucked away in the trig menu, it can be fun to copy a pattern then “go crazy with teh slidez” :rofl:

I do wish they could be used to target just one parameter though, like pitch for example but they are great for other stuff too, like LFO speed etc.


I’m the other way around. I get much more of a tracker vibe from the DT but admittedly I’m still at the beginning of my OT journey. So, maybe I’ll feel differently after the year long OT science lab. But for now. I think the DT is more immediate and has a quicker workflow. Each track on it is identical with a limited but really flexible feature set. I’ve not even really got into sampling with the DT if I’m honest… and in 18 months I’ve still only half filled my +drive with a curated set of samples - mainly individual drum sounds and single short synth sounds with a small number of more loopy material - that I use very much in a tracker way if I’m honest.

Maybe a good metaphor is DT = FT2 where OT = Buzz/Renoise.

And that is the killer feature that Elektron have never been able to replicate!


They hid Elvis in the loading screen of the Machinedrum and it took many users awhile to see it. Maybe there’s a hidden “Nibbles” game in some of the newer equipment? One could only hope. Hah


Yeah, they’re very close, but I went with the OT because it has an audio editor that is similar in features to trackers like FT2, which I think is an essential part of the tracker experience.

Or at least an Etch-a-Sketch mode where you can use the knobs to draw :joy:


schismtracker introduced me to .it tracking

renoise + digitakt via usb-midi is a killer combo


He, the similarity between plocking and tracker sequencers actually never crossed my mind. When i used fastracker there was no info available about anything, so i never really got to grips with that little number lane. Fancy thinking that the family computer could plock in the mid 90s, i dont how that makes me feel haha. I had a friend come over with a modem and get all this and sounds over a dial up, god knows how he knew about that stuff. Before that i made music with two tape decks and overdubbing playing over the recordings playing out on the stereo and into the one decks buildt in mic!


I love this thread! So good to see so many other tracker users here.

Yeah to be honest, a lot of my early tracker music didn’t give the effect column the attention it deserved. I definitely made up for it with my Renoise music though, almost every lead sound in my Renoise tracks borders on excessive portamento/vibrato use :smiley:


I wish Elektron would make a dedicated tracker computer, qwerty keys, audio and midi in and outs, hdmi connector so I can plug it in TV, no other software just the tracker, SD card and USB for storage, nice fast boot up. There, I said it :rofl:


A web based trackerinterfae for the digitakt would be cool…could be a nice way to get sort of a real Songmode.

Otherwise, @darenager do you know the pocketchip console? Features all the Things you mentioned as a very lofi machine…


Why not just buy an Amiga?


DigiAmiga here we come!


There is a new hardware tracker…
Nerdseq tracker
And from what i understand it will be possible to sequence midi gear with it too in a upcoming firmware
Get ur tracker fix with Nerdseq :nerd_face:


Started on the Atari ST with Noisetracker, then Digicomposer (a Noisetracker fork), then TCB Tracker, then finally Audio Sculpture, a commercial tracker, and my favourite one. This was around 1993 - 1994. Me and a mate made loads of weird rave music and dubbed it onto cassettes, interspersed with daft skits (stuff about teachers mostly) which got copied around our secondary school and momentarily made us notorious. Great times! And yeah, the Elektron sequencer definitely has the tracker spirit inside it.


Nice! I’d love to hack that into a nice little desktop box. Bananafy it too maybe.


Time for a TrackerPod?


It would be easy enough to lay out a nice panel, with some physical controls, and a place for a small display. I’m not sure about the hardware though. (I only do analog design, so this sort of plan always falls apart when I realize that none of my coder/MCU/FPGA friends have the time to join in on this sort of things.)


YMMV, but I don’t think trackers really make sense without a computer keyboard for input and a reasonably-sized display.


I’m not exactly hurting for a hardware tracker exactly, but I think it could be fun given the right set of controls.


Check the st4 from tasty chips: