Trackers - what's your story?


I’ve never used a single tracker despite 1. loving chiptune 2. producing using hardware for 20 years(!!!) 3. the fact it would really fit my style. That said, Nerdseq euro module has been calling my name for a while now. Oh, also, I’m releasing a 12" later this year on a label that is home to some Amiga heavyweights :

Why am I not tracker’ing!?!


omfg now I have a reason to bring my beloved T83 back into my life. THANK.YOU!!!


Sweet! I especially like


Are they releasing it on a 3.5" floppy too ?


i wish


I guess it’d have to be a stack of floppies if it’s not too heavily compressed (or of course as a demo file).


Middle of song insert disk II lol


Possibly the best tune written using a tracker:


Please check
A fantastic online tracker which supports also the st-00 - st-05 amiga disks as a sample library!

Myself is coming from the amiga500 trackers, anf now doing silly things with milkytracker…


If you buy you actually get the OctaMED modules with your download.


A friend and I produced and released an Amiga “megamix” on multiple disks in the 90s that required you to do that. It worked by seamlessly playing multiple OctaMED modules in sequence, loading the next one in the background while the current one was playing.


This is all making me want to get my Amiga 1200 monster tower back up and running one day, as and when it can be transported halfway across Europe. …


I remember that famitracker felt like a bliss, and for some reason I went straight back to milkytracker.


Impressive but very “inspired” by this:

I know that was sometimes the point though - to show how well you could translate a popular tune into a tracker mod.

Edit: all the rips of this are terrible… sorry…


That’s awesome!!


Never heard of that song before. Quite similar isn’t it!

Love all of the old Unreal and Deus Ex soundtracks…




Just tried this “BassoonTracker” and made a quick pattern. Really don’t know what I’m doing. Also, when output the pattern to audio, it sounded much different from what the tracker was playing. Hmmmm… Fun nonetheless!


Try loading an existing mod to play with it :slight_smile:


Did anybody post this here yet? Modern Clone of Fasttracker 2