Track not to use any sounds, only midi send

First post here. Let me briefly thank everyone on this forum so far, it’s been so helpful in the last weeks starting to explore the Analog Keys and Digitakt.

I would like to understand if the following concept is possible on the Analog Keys:

Track 1 - using all 4 sounds as chords
Track 2 - Midi send channel 2 / no sound triggered
Track 3 - Midi send channel 3 / no sound triggered
Track 4 - Midi send channel 4 / no sound triggered

I understand how to set up midi etc, but the problem is the fact that Track 2-4 will use one or several of the usable 4 sounds of the Analog Keys. So the moment I trigger note in the section Track 2-4 it will result in losing one of the four sounds in my chords on Track 1.

I really love that the AK is such a strong sequencer which is super useful within my modular setup. I hope someone has the same setup end know a workaround.

Many thanks!

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the midi implementation with this sequencer. A mode where you trigger no voice and only midi would be a cool firmware addition.

For now you can use the fx and the cv track as full sequencer midi tracks without triggering Internal voices…

Oh, and welcome to the community :grinning:


That would be a neat feature. I use the A4 in poly or 4 voice unison a lot.