Track length


do you know if it is possible to record one track with Infinity? (like the master option)? I need to record for more than 64/64 for ex.

Thank you.


You can live record into chained patterns (but not obviously sustaining sounds across the join)

64 is the limit for single patterns


Unfortunately, Rec Setup RLEN steps don’t follow track’s scale.
You can record up to 8m30 (16 bit) with a one shot rec trig and Rec Setup > Fn+Bank > Memory Config > Dynamic Recorders > Yes.
Longer quantized recordings are possible with pickups, Rec Setup 2 > Qrec and Qplay set to PLEN…


We’re in the Analog Keys/Four section of the forum.


Oops. My bad. Master Infinity made me wrong…

So for A4, you can also change the scale if you don’t kneed 16th notes resolution.


Thanks to all! :slight_smile:

if I use the computer and Ableton for recording, that would improve the time recording, right?
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I mean with Ableton, we can record as long as we want… so it would be a better ideas to use it as the interface for long records than the AK itself?


Yeah with any midi sequencer you can play A4 notes.


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From external sequencer, Multi Map is really interesting.
It let you play sounds from soundpool. Very efficient with fx/drums sounds…


thanks. Does that mean you can extend the steps sequencer then?


What do you mean by extend the steps ?


The A4 is a step sequencer with a maximum of 64 steps per pattern. Step sequencers record one event for each step of the sequence, as opposed to linear sequencers like a daw that will record events not isolated into steps like a step sequencer, and run for a much longer time as they aren’t pattern based…

With something like the A4 you make patterns that you play for as long as you want and then you progress to a new pattern, and then another one. It likes to stay in its 64 step(or shorter) pattern base.

It’s probably best to try to work with the 64 step patterns and just make more of them, but also there’s some ways to make longer live recordings. You can set the scale to 1/2 which will give you the equivalent of 128 steps of regular scale, but each step will be an 1/8 note instead of a 1/16th. Another thing you can do is chain several patterns and then record onto the chain placing your trigs over multiple patterns… Or use the daw like you say…


thank you very much! Actually I’ve bought this AK for electronic music but at the same time I am working on another different project where the composition of the music is quite longer than 64 steps (for the melodic part for instance) where the inspiration is stopped then…
Thanks again to all for your time in replying to me :slight_smile: