Track Challenge: Dataline Fan Club

I thought it would be fun to to present a challenge where a track must be made from Elektron hero: Dataline.

One machine. Live take. No external processing. Only sound allowed is from the sample. RESAMPLING IS FINE

MachinedrumUW, Octatrack, Analog RYTM, AND Monomachine(if you feel like putting forth the extra work turning the audio into single cycles)

The sample is uploaded HERE where I think you should be able to download it.

Ninja Mode: no resampling.
Deadline: 05/10


There’s already a (open) hihat with the machine(sssss) at the end of the audio


To help you with this challenge it’s remembering me an old courses from G3 :

it’s entirely done with beatbox (human voice beat) ! you would be surprise what we can do with only voice in a sampler by manipulating the audio. (OFF Topic on the Challenge rules : but you can applied the techniques with the Octatrack I guess) but everyone need to watch this tutorial one time in his life and experiment as well what is learned from it.

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Is resampling allowed ?

That’s a good question! I flipped a coin on it. Came up tails. No resampling. Editing post.

Edit: no resampling by default. Resampling allowed in “easy mode” with notation with submission

But if the coin decided, so be it :smiley:


Already psyched for this. On another note: Does anybody else have problems with the download function on here? It does not work in firefox. I had to get chrome for the dl-button to work :evil:

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Thanks for letting me know about your issues. I’ll experiment with a soundcloud/dropbox issue in a little bit.


Really glad you’re excited!!!

Haha, I just listened to the file. I thought it would be one of his tracks! Ok, this is a challenge. :cheeky:

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hehe… cool

can you post a link to the video this sample comes from?


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I THINK it was the Machinedrum Workflow video(the reason I did that one is because he sounded the happiest in that :smiley: )

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I think it would be PRETTY AWESOME if Cenk actually made a track for this. -Master of his own voice- :smiley:

excellent thanks

That would be pretty awesome. Tagging @Dataline to make sure he sees this. Would he be allowed to use the DT?

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Dataline can use what Dataline wants on account that he’s Dataline! :smiley:

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I played around with this on my OT tonight. Holy cow that is difficult! I’ve forsaken the coin and have made No Resampling solely for ninja mode. If only for just an organizational reason. I failed to realize how difficult this thing would be.



hahaha :smiley:


Aaaaah !
Makes chords easier :smile:

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:joy::joy::joy: made my day!

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