Track Challenge: Casino (digital included)

Elektron’s Are a Game of Chance

Gear allowed: Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog RYTM, the digital machines(if you can hack them to perform with probabilities)

Number of machines allowed: Any(provided it’s from the above list)

Mission: Make a track only using probability trigs(no higher probability than 75%.) (Pre and /Pre are allowed to be used.)

Increased difficulty Level 1: no higher probability than 50%

Ninja Level: No higher than 50% and no Pre or /Pre

Deadline: 04/09(One month)

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with with this!

(My apologies for so quickly eliminating the digital machines)


I only have digital Elektrons. :nej:

In for the next one though.

Same here but have fun guys! This is a fun challenge.

Keep meaning to look more at probability trigs on my AK. Barely used em, haven’t had much time using the onboard sequencer lately. Don’t even know what ‘Pre and /Pre’ means! Nice excuse to find out :wink: Looking forward to hearing everyone’s tracks.

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Used a lot of the probability in the previous mission (cowbell challenge) this one will be fun too. I hope I will have time for this one.

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There are hacks to have probabilistic trigs on the old gear…
Maybe this could be ok for MM/MD/OT owners to participate ?

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Totally! I’ll edit the post

Apparently there’s a way to get probability our of the older machines, thus making your gear able to be challenged!

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard something about that… some LFO combination trick maybe? Will investigate.

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Ouch, @Ryan, you’re too productive, I won’t even be back home by then, but I love the idea, so I’ll probably end up doing it later on my own :slight_smile:

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Feel welcome to post it here when you do :slight_smile:

I forget that people have lives to live(must be nice). I’ve updated the deadline to 1 month. And I think I’m just going to present a new challenge on the 9th of every month and people are free to submit their tracks at any time during that challenge period. Hope this helps!

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External FX ok or internal only…?

Internal only

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By using a random lfo on the digital machines, you can create probability.

eg. You resample a clap :clap: with silence before and after on the MDUW, you send the signal out of one of the extra outputs, back into a trigger machine.
You can control the start parameter with a random lfo to have a probability on the timing of your trigger! (use a mix of random and sine LFO’s to control the probability/chance)
Another easier approach would be to use a random LFO to a level parameter (of any machine) to have a probability of the sound coming through or not (set level to zero, control with a mix of square and random LFO always give me beautiful ghost notes.)

As always with these machines the probabilities are endless.

(Are there deadlines on these challanges? I finished the cowbell one, but uploading stuff is currently a challange I yet need to sort out. My phone seems only good for sharing my bs and talking shit on forums, not sharing any actual work)

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Submit the cowbell one whenever, I’m eager to listen to it. This one(and all challenges I announce afterwards will be monthly from X/09-Y/09


yeh random LFOs or square wave LFOs with their rate being modulated by another LFO are both ways to have “random probability” on OT

you can have this either modulate amp volume, amp hold, release, etc. to make it a “trigger”


My contribution.
100% Monomachine.


Damn! I don’t know why I didn’t get notified of this(must have missed it)

This is excellent!