Totally New/Beginner Here Convince Me To Buy a Digitakt!

Mate, the Rytm is a techno dream machine! Grab a mk1 or 2, and you’ll be in heaven. It’s one of the easier boxes to learn, has analog and samples. A mk1 is around the price of the DT.

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Out of curiosity is there any talk of a newer Digitakt model being released in the near future? I hate when I buy something than a newer version is released a month later.

Owned an AR mk1, fantastic machine, but mostly ended up using samples (though I do miss the noise engine) I sold it and bought a DT, never looked back, one of the most fun and creative pieces of gear I’ve ever owned, can’t imagine not having one.

Well didn’t take much convincing. Between the comments here and watching Cuckoo’s video I just ordered one. Got it for 692$, thought it was a fair price too!

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Buy one or I’ll send the boys round.

Welcome to the family.

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Any cool stands you guys wanna recommend for it?

I got a couple of these for my Digitakt/Digitone combo. They are great quality, and I keep the Elektron decksaver covers on them as well.

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Awesome thanks for the recommendation!

Hello- my first post.
I’m considering buying the elektron digitakt but I need a couple of answers to what might seem like dumb questions- but I’m a bass player :slight_smile:
First off- unlike straight out drum machines that I’ve listened to the elektron digitakt also has melodic elements behind the ’ drum ’ beats. I need to know if the key can be changed- or the frequency of the instrument, if you like.
Secondly- can the sound of the 'drums ’ be changed to sound like actual drums rather than electronic percussion ? Or should I be looking at something else for that ?

Its a sampler so it sounds like whatever you put in there.
For example, you could hang out with a drummer, bust out some mics and record him/her hitting their drums. Then slice up the sounds and put them in the Digitakt for sequencing.
I honestly don’t mean this is a dickish way but if you are thinking of spending $600+ on a Digitakt, you need to crack the manual and know what it is first

Edit: that may have sounded dickish despite my preface. It’s a fantastic machine but you could spend far less on a machine that might suit your needs as the DIGITAKT is a beast

Thanks for that- yes, but those two important points were necessary before I delved any deeper.
No- I need to be able to simply manipulate the default sounds without any further complications- so it doesn’t seem to be suitable for me. Is it a drum synth that I should be looking at ? If so, any suggestions ?

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Maybe…, that sounds more like what you are after
Do you have an iphone/ipad already? If so you could really buy a fantastic drum synth app and do a lot and save a lot.
Dedicated drum synths that offer a good amount of parameters to tweak aren’t usually cheap. If money isn’t a huge issue, I would pick up a used Elektron RYTM and get the best of both worlds (it’s a sampler too)
They go for $600 to $700 these days. I absolutely love mine!

Thanks- I’ll look into that right now. Much obliged.

You can manipulate the default sounds, and there is a lot that can be done with factory content.

It can also do the two things you asked for, BUT I agree with @MasterLeader you need to at least have some understanding of what the machine is, otherwise you’ll end up frustrated. From what I see you have no idea what to look at (which is ok), but I recommend that you look at tutorials rather than demos to see what it’s about.

I must add that if you want “realistic drums” a sampler is your best option, a drum synth is better suited for electronic or exotic sounding drums.

Yeah no problem!
The RYTM was my first Elektron box and it completely changed the way I make music, for real. The sequencing will blow your mind. I’ve used it with samples/synthesis blended together to make pretty damn realistic sounding drumming but I will admit that took a fair amount of study and practice. It’s all in there for those who really want it

Hello again- courtesy call.
I’ve bought the Alesis SR-18 which will meet my immediate needs as a practice drummer for my bass playing. However…I’ve looked at a few tutorials around the Elektron t and I’m future-hooked. :slight_smile: I’ll be reading up on it in parallel with my SR-18 practice with a view to expanding my sounds when I’m ready.
Thanks very much for your advices. These chats are invaluable prior to buying anything. Catch you later.

A big part of the Elekron thing is their sequencer. I dont think anyone else does a hardware step sequencer with the control and features of the Elektron.

I had an Alesis SR16 donkeys years ago (it was my first drum machine) and I had loads of fun with it. However if I were you and you’re still interested in dipping a toe in the Elektron pool I’d have a good look at the Model Samples. It’s aimed directly at folks like yourself wanting to get into the Elektron scene. You get their sequencer and while it’s not as well endowed as the bigger boxes you get most of the big pluses…sample locks, p locks and conditional triggering. You get the 6 channels you can load samples onto and you can hook it up to the midi in of your SR18 and used the sequencer of the M:S to play the SR18. The M:S can be had for good money second hand too. Even if all you did was use it as a midi sequencer for the SR18 it’ll open it up in ways it’s internal sequencer can’t. Once you get to realise how handy even just one feature like conditional trigs is you’ll be hooked on the Elektron way! You’ll wonder how you ever managed before…or maybe as a beginner you won’t :roll_eyes:

Thanks, Bunker. Yes, this is all new territory for me. Bear in mind that I’m a bass player, not a percussionist, and even the terminology is new to me I’ll explore the SR-18 and then revisit Elektron a bit further down the road. I’m already a ’ sound junkie’ thanks to Spectrasonics - mastering Rayzoon’s Jamstix is an ongoing endeavor and I need to absorb new stuff at a steady pace. No frets- I’ll be back.


Hey, don’t be doing us bassists down! :grinning: I retired from drumming to start playing bass so I don’t know where that places me on the Muso-Evolutionary scale…:see_no_evil:

No worries. As a starting point google step sequencers. I’m fairly sure the SR18 will have some sort of step sequencer record mode although from memory I only really used the SR16 in real time recording mode. Elektron have taken the whole step sequencing concept to another level with the inclusion of the extras I mentioned. With sample locks for instance you can tell each step to play a different sample or with conditional trigs you can determine how many times a particular step plays when your pattern is looping round and round. Once you start comparing them to other step sequencers on other instruments you realise just how musical the Electron way is, no matter how techy some of the nomenclature is.