Toriaz Squid multitrack sequencer


Does it have midi learn? or do you need to dial in the cc?
Is it only 5 cc’s or can it be configured with 5 nrpn’s also?


No midi learn, as it seems, to be honest i have not tried it.

There are no NRPN settings so it seems, as of now, there is no NRPN


Thanks @AriHaf!


Thanks for the info!


Quite worrisome news from the Pioneer camp.
Might mean stop of support at some point for existing gear.


Yikes. Snatch up those AS-1’s now!


Pioneer DJ Might Be Sold Again In 2019, But They’re Not “Exiting The DJ Business”


This could be why there is no Pioneer branding on the Squid. So that Toraiz can spin off and become its own entity.


Does it have micro timing adjustment? Being able to nudge single notes forward or backward.


Yes, you can nudge notes from the grid, you have several options for this.

Most common would be to use the grid edit ( trigger edit on the Squid )

  • hold down a step, change the offset ( only positive values )

You could also use the Speed Modulation feature on the Squid,
this is basically a LFO for midi notes. Set Shape (triangle 1,2 ; Sine, Cosine, Saw, Square), set the step length (2-64 steps) and finally set the depth ( - 63 , + 63 ). This method opens up a plethora of groove options.

Use the Swing option to move notes from the grid.

Or disable the global quantise (OFF, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8).

You can use all mentioned methods at once.

The Squid is a grooving sucker :grin:


What I’m interested to know is just how much funk can you inject to a pattern with some strategic timing LFO modulation and groove bends? Can the squid emulate “funky drummer” without having to play unquantized into it? :wink:

You have the MIDI drag and drop working with your DAW? I heard you can drag and drop the running sequence to the DAW, edit it, and resend it to the active pattern, all while the squid keeps on playing, no glitches? You got this to work?


Cool, thanks. I see you are using it with some Elektron boxes. Can it send program changes?


Yes it can send Program Change, but unfortunately only per track, so you have to dial in a Pro.Cha. to make it change a program or reload the project to trigger all programed changes. I hope they change that to Program Change per pattern.




Yes you can record most of the rhythm controls in realtime, best part is that it will accept the swing setting, so you get that swinging beat repeat. Combine that with the sequencer running direction ( pattern based) and you can make great breaks in a button press. Lot‘s of potential.

Midi drag and drop just works, no need for stopping the sequencer.
The Squid manager does the job, you can drag the selected pattern into your DAW or a midi clip from your DAW into the pattern. Only limit in this regard is the pattern length can not be greater than 4 bars.


Picked up one of these. For anyone whose interested…

Its great at spitting out ideas and using the direction controls and beat repeats gives you a really quick way to program patterns that would take much longer on other grooveboxes or a DAW.
I found it much more focuses on per pattern editing as apposed to per step like on Elektron sequencer.
Don’t expect a song mode (only pattern chaining). You cant delete all the notes in a pattern all at once and there is no way I’ve found to select a step and edit it without triggering a continuous note (not very streamline).

If it wasn’t for the directional controls and beat repeat I would be tempted to return it.
I’ve got a lot of midi sequencers now and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.
The squid is nice as it has dedicated buttons for jamming variations on patterns. It is pretty new and does feel a bit unfinished (and makes you realise how well thought out other boxes like Circuit are).

Maybe I should have just learnt how to play keys instead of trying to get machines to do all the work.


You can, just disable the preview step option (global settings)

There is no pattern chaining, nor a song mode.

You can delete notes ( steps ) in grid edit mode ( step edit ) with a finger swipe, it does not delete the step information ( like note number, velocity etc. ) but it‘s just a finger swipe. or you could just delete the pattern so all notes at once.

I think the Squid is a really underrated device, of course it‘s far from perfect, but what is perfect?

The Squid is now the brain of my setup, it fills a niche between my hardware rig and my DAW. Perfect no, great fun yes :sunglasses:


@AriHaf have you used to for software instruments like live, reason , or battery at all?


Yes i do that, simple plug and play. I think using the Squid with a Plug-in that has no dedicated sequencer ( Batterie, Heartbeat etc. ) is a great idea, because the Squid has some cool tricks to get the groove right.

But not only Drum plug-ins are a good fit, multitimbral plug-ins like Omnisphere or Halion work well too, esp. when using the random features.

On top you get the pattern drag and drop :metal:


Thanks for the tips dude. The preview step option was driving my crazy!

I really like the squid so far. Only had a few hours on it but I agree, it’s fun and great to get ideas going.

I haven’t programmed any drums yet but was not sure how I would edit multiple notes on each step (I believe it does 4)

When you do drums, do you put each drum voice on its own track/midi channel, or do you keep them on all on one track?