Toriaz Squid multitrack sequencer


I wonder how exactly “step preview” works (p 138). Would that be a way to preview each step in a sequence, including its parameter locks and interpolation? Something I’ve been desperate for in a sequencer ever since I got the Rytm.


I can’t work out if the squid can sequence sample slices or not.


If you mean octatrack sample slice via midi , it seems quite complicated and has been dealt with in a big thread (can’t find it right now but I’m sure you’ll find it )

I doubt anything will be as ‘easy’ as doing it on octatrack itself.


More that on the sp16 if I have a sample sliced can I play/sequence the slices on the squid pads? Isn’t clear and have learned from sp16 experience to ask really obvious questions and not assume! Cheers


just read this on gearsluts: no realtime recording with external keyboard… bye to need…


I don’t think so, although that will have more to do with the sp16 than the squid, as slices on the sp16 don’t correlate to midi note numbers (unless you used each track for one slice), and aren’t accessible via CC. A workaround would be to use sample start, although that might not be very accurate depending on how your sample is set up.

Here’s the cc chart for the sp16, you can also change scene (cc 0) and pattern (cc 32).


Hey thanks, that’s what I suspected. And so, for me the squid fails to resolve the limits of the sp16 when using with samples. Well that clarified that purchase decision. Cheers


So i just bought a Squid :nerd_face:

Feel free to ask me some questions.

First impression :call_me_hand:


Wow… they’re just announced and in stores that quick? That’s a plus.


What gear are you sequencing?


How are the pads? Maschine quality ?


I quite liked how sp16 sequenced slices (start and end point of sample ) as you could slice with different values and anything recorded still sounded correct.

And it was able to do any number , not limited to 1,2,4,8,16 etc.
And that it was quite simple , each slice end point was also start point for next slice, so there were no gaps between slices.


Isn’t the pyramid the same price and is much more capable? Did pioneer not know about the pyramid? I guess if you’re in the pioneer ecosystem this could be a game changer with the rest of their gear. What say you?


More dedicated buttons, more fun.


there is a lot of interesting information starting at page 11…
realtime input from an external midi keyboard is working which makes this thing interesting again :slight_smile:


For now my Elektron boxes (A4,Rytm,OT) and a Novation Peak.
All connected over midi and spread over 16 channels on one midi port.


Pads are ok, of course no Maschine level of quality but not as bad as, let‘s say Rytm MK1 pads. You can play nuanced parts really well, but the best part about the pads is you can change velocity curves and threshhold to your flavour. They are quite small, but they do the job.


hey man, i saw that pitch and some other parameters can get interpolated/glide. can you tell whether it can send CCs and also interpolate them?


You can setup 5 cc per track, which can be sequenced into the pattern.
You can step automate ( aka parameter lock) but you can not live record the movement of the cc. You can also randomize the values with a click of an button, the randomizer values can be set in the options.

Interpolation is only possible with 3 out of 5 cc, encoder 1-3, but possible with cc values.


Here is a small review

And another one