Toriaz Squid multitrack sequencer


I have a Squarp Pyramid, but I’m going to get one of these too. This thing is going to be so :fire:


I couldn’t see song mode in the manual , normally there’d be 1000’s of complaints about this within an hour.

Though it’s very possible I missed it.


At max 64 steps this looks to be a sequencer designed for performance of grooves rather than a fully featured song creator like the Pyramid or Deluge, it kind of falls between two stools for me personally, as I have lots of sequencers with 64 steps and similar specs, if it had come along 5 or 6 years ago I’d almost certainly have grabbed one for modular sequencing duties, I think it will shine in that respect.

Currently the Pyramid and Deluge are giving me most of what this offers and more besides, but having watched the videos the Squid does seem to offer some very direct playability of sequences which is somewhat lacking on most other devices. It looks pretty interesting I think.


it has a few interesting ideas but ive already got digitakt/digitone etc.
i had an sp16 which was ok , but pioneer arent very good when it comes to features/firmware updates so i’d personally be a little cautious about grabbing one straight away , but i’m more cautious about buying new products these days …

price point seems ok . i think pyramid is more suitable for non 4/4 / experimental stuff.


As a Deluge owner all these maschine/mpc type sequencers do look a bit crappy, don’t they? :wink:


Just got an email about this… Looks interesting.

Squids have 8 arms and 2 tentacles though, if you look closely this is just an electronic device… I really don’t think it’ll taste very good, even with seasoning.


I use the NDLR and it’s fun and very inspirational.

Wish Elektron would make a stand alone hardware step sequencer including some kind of NDLR concept.
On the connection part 2 midi in and 4 out and USB midi and 16 CV and 8 gate outputs.


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Interesting to pair it with the djs , yeah?


It seems like they have taken the Elektron sequencer, copied it, and boosted it with better UI, additional useful functions like reverse play. They have swapped trig buttons for 16 pads, increased tracks to 16, and increased polyphony. Almost the same architecture in terms of number of steps and patterns. Still not an OT killer due OT other capabilities but as a dedicated sequencer very interesting.


$599 MAP which will translate into $500 USD street price if buy at right dealership in US.
Translates into an essential buy if you looking for a decent hardware sequencer at a budget price


There’s some reference to “Pattern Set Mode” on page 37 of the manual but no clue if that is a “song mode” or saved “pattern chain” mode. This part of the manual is poorly written so I have not clue. I kind of think it is something other than a chain mode but we’ll have to wait and see




Seems like the Squid can generate some random steps and pitches though.


Yes as I said extra sequencer based functionality. I didn’t intend to make a complete list. The specs are still sparse but the video shows some of these features.


Awesome to start the day with an OS update for the Octa (even though I don’t own one) and a great new box from Pioneer.

I fully understand there is always room for wishes and criticism, but I have to say, all the Pioneer Dj products I owned have really great build and sound quality, their engineering standards is always excellent ( Japanese company :heart_eyes: ).

I think the Squid is going to fill a gap in the market for perfomance based sequencers…
I was just talking with Mrs Padevil yesterday, that the more I get acquainted with my OPZ the more I love its immediacy and multiple ways of deconstructing its sequence. The squid looks promising, I like it :star_struck:


HAHAHA :rofl:



PO sync out!

This is a very surprising move from Pio, I thought I’d never GAS for their products

need to RTFM


Curious why you would want this when you have a pyramid?