Toriaz Squid multitrack sequencer


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Interfacing looks good. I like that it has what appears to be a soft switchable Thru/Out as well as dual CV and DIN Sync jacks.

This should be a hit if it actually hits stores with an MSRP of $599.


Interesting, but it’s no Octopus. :wink:


Peter what’s an octopus for?


Currently, it’s for about 4000 USD.


Yeah, I lusted after the Octopus for years. Such a beautiful piece of sequencing hardware.



SQUID appears to have 16 tracks only, and a 4x16-step-sequencer paradigm, so it’s not really in the same space as the Pyramid or the MPCs.

Edit to add: SQUID seems more like a Social Entropy Engine than anything else.


Yeah it’s a different product, more like a Digitakt without samples and 16 MIDI tracks instead of 8 and pads. So not like a Digitakt :thinking:

But it plays in the same niche of hardware midi sequencers as those products, it’s just a slightly different paradigm that might fit some. I think it will find its audience.


I have a pyramid and a engine sequencer still want to check this one out.


I think the :squid: would actually make a nice supplemental sequencer for the MPC live. You could use the squid to get your experimental phrases and send into the MPC. Looks like fun to me.


Looks fun


Looks to me like a grown up take on the Beatstep Pro for the more DJ minded rather than competition for the likes of the pyramid etc.


Pioneer DJ SQUID sequencer review


is there some sort of clip launch feature like push in ableton?
That would be great.


wow, those buttons are “clicky”… pretty loud…

Ok, the Octatrack is not the quietest too when it comes to button smashing…


Gee, I can’t wait for Pioneer to abandon support for this as quickly as they did for the Toraiz AS-1.


Do you prefer clicky or silent?


Just edited my comment :slight_smile: Everything clicks and the silent ones have no definition :slight_smile:


Mpc 2000xl and my analog keys and rytm click too. That’s how I know the machine has my undivided attention