Toraiz as-1



I think the price is acceptable, it’s 550€, so probably around 500€ street. I do not see many compact 2-OSC analog synths with sequencer in that price range. This is more powerful than a one oscillator 303 clone, less powerful than a Moog Mother, but accessible with a nice set of performance features. The best alternative is the Korg Mono, but that is too big for me when travelling.

This thing is a bit deeper than it looks, lot’s of parameters accessible via menu diving, only number of knobs reduced.

Thinking about buying this as a companion for the Rytm.



Yeah im going to get one. It looks very promising and Pioneer has a way of making things easy to use.


sheesh those three are all so different. Whats your set up like?


Octatrack, korg ea-1 , korg er-1 , jx-03, Alesis micron, dx7 IId, and a kp3 Kaoss pad. I want something for bass. Out of the synths I have I really enjoy the jx-03. I like a minimal setup so I would like 2 synths and my Octatrack.


You got a nice set as it is lol. i have the A4. Its alot of bang for the buck. I would go A4 and AS-1 if you can. you can always layer the AS-1 in the OT. And the A4 is just a gorgeous sounding machine. I dont think anything out there can recreates its personality.


This is a fascinating little tabletop for sure. Same depth as Elektron, with width right between AH/DT and AR/A4/MD/MM

Could give the BS2 a run for its money. Especially for people looking for a 2 OSC + SUB with more capable onboard sequencer and more sequence memories, and in a more compact format. Coincidentally, these were my only real gripes about the BS2.

I wish it were more knobby, but the price is nice.


I been thinking long and hard about selling my other gear for the as-1 then eventually A4! It would be the perfect portable set up for me! Octatrack ,jx-03, as-1 , a4


I feel like all that I’ve heard of the bs2 the sound doesn’t quite capture me as the as-1 does. The as-1 patches sounded great not to mention 495 user slots!


i also highly recommend the Teenage Engineering OP-1. its one of those pieces of gear i’m taking to the grave. It rivals the A4. probably better cause its less in price and super portable.


I really considered the op-1 before the Octatrack. But I wasn’t liking the white color it looked like it would get dirty fast not that I’m a dirty person but I’ve seen white instruments look dingy over time and I didn’t like the idea of a rechargeable battery.


Wrt OP-1 it’s not white but grey. Doesn’t get dirty easy.
I got mine used in 2014 and still have >8h of charge, there’s a reason for its price tag.
Sound wise it’s a very peculiar synth.

Pb is USB midi only, hence the need for a USB host.

But if you say portable I say OP-1.

I’ve heard ND2 would do wonders in Bass department.
Some pretty special percussion sounds too…


If the OP-1 was plastic it might get grubby but it’s aluminium, I assume powder coated or something. The keys don’t seem to get grubby either, they’re a hard (ABS?) type of plastic, not soft or rubbery. Very high quality piece of kit.


Yeah, I dismissed it at first but a P-6 voice in a neat little box… hmm.


Some nice patch demos from INHALT:

It has a pretty classy sound to my ear.


So if I buy six of these, I get a strange but beatiful six voice analog synth, like the P6 it’s based on - only six part multitimbral with a sequencer each to boost, and for about the same price as the P6.

I know, it’s a dumb comparison, but still.

A six voice, six channel multitimbral P6. I like that thought.


The OP-1 Materials are high quality ands its more a matte gray color. I hate white insturments too but this is done very well. it actaully looks very good in the studio and its very portable. You can take it camping and make a track while in a cave. lol


Yes and if you link them via midi you can do some trippy stuff. A p6 probably still more cost effective. You can also get the AS-1 the MPC Live, a Rytm and have a complete set up.


utter shite. i hate dsi sound and deeply regretted splurging on the ob6 thing… i hate the sugary tone to it… totally modern horrible clean clinical rubbish




yep… tried and tested… dsi isnt for everyone, but i gave the sound a go. prob sounds odd to some but i just detest the digital controls over the sound… i sat there with reaktor and a midi keyboard lined up with the ob6 – thinking ‘oh shit… what the hell did i just spend 2 k on’’