To (partially) fund an OT: get rid of DT or DN?


My setup is DT/DN/Neutron/TB-03. But too often I’m kinda stuck in the 4 bar-techno/house loop, so I am looking for ways to get passed that.

A couple of years ago I really was into sampling (Ableton Live) and I want to return to that, but on hardware not on a laptop. I made tracks like this one, which I was reasonably happy with.

I’m eyeing an OT MKII. I love my DT, but I miss stereo sampling and timestretching (I mostly sample soundtracks and classical music, so space gets lost because DT samples in mono)

Now I am in doubt: do I sell my DT or my DN? The DT could still be useful for quick drums, but I would also imagine that the DN produces excellent sample fodder for the OT. Any ideas?



Did a trade for the OT Mk2, for the DT and DN. No regrets.

Sampling is sorted by the OT.
Not as enamoured with fm sounds as others are, so don’t miss the DN.

Definitely happy with going that way.


I’ve found that since buying the OT, I use the DT quite a lot less. The OT can do most of what the DT can, it’s just less immediate, whereas this is less true for the DN. So if I was forced to, I’d get rid of the DT, but it is an amazing device for drums or if you can’t be bothered with the OT (I’d say the OT is a more “tiring” device to use… you need to engage your brain a bit more).

In your position I’d honestly look at an OT mk1 second hand, which would hopefully be significant enough a price difference that you could keep all three! Personally I can’t imagine the differences between mk1 and 2 justify the price difference, though I’ve never used a mk2


That’s a great track, by the way.

Sounds like Djrum mixed with Burial.


Personally, I like percussive sounds out of the OT more than the DT. It just sounds more rough- which works great for my style.

But man, the DT is SO convenient for percussion. The retrig method on the DT is much more musically designed than OT’s(which lends itself more towards the experimental method), pulling samples into the project is much more convenient and throwing samples into a pattern is also super convenient. Not to mention selecting a sample just feels right when choosing it with a knob than a series of button pushes(a LOT of button pushes). Not to mention LFO on the sample slot is great when you just want it to do whatever.

And though I love the sonic characteristics of the OT, the DT does have its place when you want hi-if sounds .

If you’re willing to sacrifice that convenience(and OB) for a smaller setup with massive punch, I’d say do it. My issue with the OT is that there’s a lot to mentally juggle when having it do everything(mostly when it comes to scenes and kits)


Thx. Burial was a great inspiration for it. Also on the production side: it is purely made up out of samples.


What kind of tracks do you produce?


You can get second hand MK1’s for 700 euro’s and MK2’s for 900. So I think I am leaning towards the MK2.


I got my second hand mk1 for £520 imperfect condition and I’ve seen them go even cheaper, so there are bargains to be had if you are willing to look around!


Yeah, maybe it’s convenient to have something (DT) that can lay down something quick. I was aiming to use the OT not so much for beats, but for mangling longer samples.

And if I keep either DT or DN, I will still have some OB.


Totally! Both the DT and OT have their purposes. Between getting rid of the DN/DT that’s a tough decision.

The DT is really quick for beats and more expanded midi implementation. The DN great for generating pads, super duper bass box, and with masterful patching can make some great percussive sounds(also, people swear on the DN/OT combo.

I’ve been contemplating trading my DT for a DN- but that’s going to be a huge loss of convenience for one shots.

Good luck on your decision! The OT is definitely a good get!


All sorts, mainly techno type stuff, but ambient, electronica and since working with the DT and now the OT, some Lofi boom bap stuff.
Currently I have the a4, OT, and Rytm, and I’ve never been so satisfied with my set up-synth, sampler, drum machine.

The OT can be a pita if you try to walk into it and twist knobs. If you learn one function at a time, you’ll stick with it.

It’s my second OT. Sent the first one back because the chaisis wasnt perfect, and it took me about a year of hearing a nagging voice in the back of my head to decide to get another one and learn it inside out.

There’s a steep learning curve and it’s pretty impossible to get all the tracks out at once (ableton, hard panning can get you some of the way) ala overbridge, but it’s a really fun machine.


I really like the Elektron workflow and I am willing to invest time, so that won’t be a problem. Only a little bit afraid of too much menu diving.


As far as menu diving goes, the OT is probably the best. More intricate menus are pretty deep in, but you only need to do it once.

The sample selection is only 1 level deep, for projects 2/3…

The DT is definitely more surface level control(basically what I’m trying to say is don’t get rid of the DT- if that hasn’t been made clear)

Best practice would be to buy the OT new while you have both instruments and determine which fits in your setup and what doesn’t(if any one could “not fit” because Elektrons are awesome)


The mk2 has less than the mk1, but honestly I don’t thi k it’s that bad. It’s pretty easy to get a round once the muscle memory kicks in-I’ve definitely had worse!